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  1. How about lining him up out wide? He can’t catch worse than Raegor, he can run block better than JJAW and get about the same separation from defenders as JJAW. Can you say "catch radius?” Do that, sign Urlakkerzz, and we win Super Bowlzzz.
  2. @Moderator6 feel free to lock this discussion. You can even change the title to Jalen Hurts 17 QB Rating Against 25th Ranked Pass Defense: Discussion Over, Mic Dropped.
  3. I am sure there will be some emotional responses to this, but so be it. Taking the emotion out of it, Hurts just isn’t the guy. Posts a 17 qb rating against the 25th ranked pass defense (who had starters out in the back 4) and he has enough starts and a full off season under his belt to not have a built in rookie excuse. For a team to make a run, the QB has to be able to push the ball down the field consistently. The run isn’t always going to be there, especially against good teams. Hurts locks on to one guy too often, doesn’t really progress through the reads consistently, and is up and down with his accuracy. He leaves too many plays on the field. I think he has a role as a serviceable backup and an offensive gadget. I don’t think he will be benched, more for optics than for performance. But I wouldn’t mind seeing a 3-4 game sample for Minshew. Hurts could go out there and play great football and change my mind (and I hope he does), but I just don’t see it. Either way, Go Birds.
  4. I bet Sirianni has gone to Amazon and looked for a copy of The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs
  5. Going to say it now, Hurts just isn’t quite good enough to be the guy. I want him to be the guy, but the arm strength just isn’t there.
  6. How about a shout out to the trans community: Herbig Johnson
  7. Hey, I have that trademarked. Named my wiener "po boy”
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