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  1. Meh, he still makes a mean chai latte for Lurie and his dry cleaning runs are flawless. If he ever slips up and spills the chai on the freshly cleaned ascot...now THERE’S ground for dismissal if Lurie’s ever seen it.
  2. 1. Owner made it clear he views Wentz as fixable. 2. Owner made it clear to coaching candidates that fixing Wentz is a priority. 3. Hired a candidate that is closely tied to the one coach Wentz apparently respected. 4. Howie won’t be forced to take any trade that doesn’t meet the asking price. 5. Trading Wentz will create the largest dead cap figure in NFL history. To quote Ricky Watters: "For who? For what”? Howie isn’t the owner. Lurie is the owner. If there isn’t a blockbuster deal that wows Lurie, don’t bet on him accepting anything less since it’s the 34 million dollar egg on his face
  3. So...if Howie wants 2 #1’s and nobody is willing to part ways with 2 #1’s for a "baby nobody wants” (your words), then how is it Wentz is already gone again?
  4. Cue Godfather theme. Lurie walks into Howie’s office, grabs him by the face and kisses his cheeks. "I know it was you, Howie. You broke my heart. You broke my heart” Last image of Howie is on a small trolling boat in the middle of Blue Marsh Lake
  5. Jeff McLane cited an anonymous source as saying that Sirianni isn’t very smart, is a B level coach at best. https://www.thebiglead.com/posts/eagles-head-coach-nick-sirianni-not-smart-nfl-source-01ewkd15xa7g Brian Westbrook stated that if he was on the Eagles right now, he would be looking for a way out. And that veterans that heard the press conference would likely want to move on to another organization. Like it or not, you only get 1 chance at a first impression. Sirianni has dug himself a bit of a whole, so let’s hope that when he gets behind closed doors and with the players, he isn’t the deer in headlights.
  6. That’s a part of the issue. The other part of the issue was that the 9 routes were clearing space where a check down valve was available that Carson either didn’t see or didn’t want to throw it to. It was apparently a very dysfunctional co-existence. And the fan base is left to pick a side in all of this and I can’t help but think Carson Wentz shoulders a lot of the blame here. There have been multiple reports about how aloof he can be with teammates that aren’t in his Sunday school class (Josina Anderson via Alshon most likely) then there were this season’s reports of him being outright obstinate and refusing to throw to the receiver the plays were designed for. Is he un-coachable? Or is he just not coachable by anyone named Doug Pederson?
  7. Another intelligent response. You are quite the outlaw. But thanks for continuing the name calling and insults. They are easy for moderators to identify.
  8. Intelligent response "bro”. Implication’s root word is implicit, you cretin. You were implicit in your statement.
  9. You’re a fraud. You are now trying to backtrack. So you’ve now retreated to "some input”. The point initially being that you implied zero teams give coaches final say, to a point now that you have strayed completely away from your original assertion to some irrelevant point that you said GM’s have some degree of input: All of the meandering because you got caught stone cold with a stupid statement. Just own that you were wrong and I was right. And let’s see if you can even respond to this post without stooping to some juvenile response as you have yet to do so. I am going to guess you are a millennial.
  10. So, to be clear, you said no other teams give anyone other than GM total control of roster. So which is it? And the other ones listed are on the record as stating HC has final say. Not a collaborative effort. Stop speaking out of your ass.
  11. So, you implied that no other teams give final roster control to anyone other than GM. Are you saying you were wrong?
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