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  1. And yet those same fans would **** and moan when we can barely field a team because of injuries or covid.
  2. So true. I don't know if it's that we scheme/own him at the line or if he just decides to take that particular Sunday off.
  3. And yet with all that "dysfunction" we won a superbowl. I just really don't care. The NFL is all about a certain kind of madness. Big money=big egos=big power struggles. Just win games. As a fan that's all I care about.
  4. No. Getting older and didn't show much in Indy. Time to move on.
  5. Didn't we just invest a 3rd last year on a LB?
  6. About time we added a stud LB. I wouldn't complain too loudly I guess, especially if we can't get Surtain. WR can be had later in this draft.
  7. What an unholy mess. Houston is a big city, so corruption in the PD there wouldn't shock me. Neither would it shock me that this "attorney" is just trying to build his career on the backs of these women. In any case, I have to believe that Watson's career in the NFL is in serious jeopardy. Such talent, such stupidity.
  8. Calling it now: Sewell in the top 5, easy. But if we could get him...OMG...
  9. If we snag him, Whop already gets my vote for Best Draft name in Eagles history along with Murderleg.
  10. Like other posters, I think it's premature to react to the Football Sirianni. I agree with you on the Philly issue tho. This guy may very well end up in the fetal position after one really bad loss---of which we may have several this year.
  11. Unless Hurts can get us to the playoffs and gets hurt. Flacco become superman in the post season, defeating Brady multiple times.
  12. Brave share. Takes a real man to admit he has a problem. Godspeed.
  13. Totally agree. Surprisingly, even we have a shot because no one will have tape on us until it's too late LOL
  14. Could be they're looking for someone who can fit this offense. The pre-Jackson offense does kinda remind me of Indy: run the ball to setup the pass.
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