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  1. Maybe if that good for nothing commissioner got rid of kickers, that wouldn’t happen
  2. Young guy that looks promising locked up before they hit FA. Is Banner back in the FO?
  3. I saw someone on FB once say "Happy Birthday Earth” on the 4th. they were not kidding
  4. Eh, I dive deep because it’s a good variable to consider when predicting future success.
  5. He ran it back but who blocked it. Was it Demps? Edit: Quintin Mikell Wrong Quintin
  6. Finally getting around to this since baby girl is sleeping and I have a quick minute. Yes, any discussion about the proper way to build a team is academic. The rest of this is unfounded given the cap is, by definition, finite. I can give an example (which will help me make a few broader points) where a team actually found themselves in a position that it was virtually impossible to get under the cap: the 2006 Washington Rwords. One of my criticisms of Howie post superbowl on how he was managing the team is that it reminded me of the early to mid aught Vinny Cerrato. Like Howie, he would borrow heavily from future cap and use draft picks to trade for aging veterans. He ended up with an extremely tight cap, no young talent, and a very shallow roster. (Sound familiar?). The result? Consistently finishing around 6-10 with a random playoff season sprinkled in 2002 2002 NFL NFC East 3rd 7 9 0 — Steve Spurrier 2003 2003 NFL NFC East 3rd 5 11 0 — 2004 2004 NFL NFC East 4th 6 10 0 — Joe Gibbs 2005 2005 NFL NFC East 2nd 10 6 0 Won Wild Card Playoffs (at Buccaneers) 17–10 Lost Divisional Playoffs (at Seahawks) 20–10 2006 2006 NFL NFC East 4th 5 11 0 — 2007 2007 NFL NFC East 3rd 9 7 0 Lost Wild Card Playoffs (at Seahawks) 35–14 2008 2008 NFL NFC East 4th 8 8 0 — Jim Zorn 2009 2009 NFL NFC East 4th 4 12 0 Now I know we did slightly better and there is one main difference: We actually had an average to above average QB play in Wentz in 2018 and 2019, where they had a long expired shelf life of Mark Brunell and other flops like Jason Campbell. Now on to my example: While I am a fan of the Joe Banner model (lock up players early, leave yourself cap flexible), I will say one thing. Leveraging future cap space isn't the worst thing under one condition: The expectation that the cap will go up perpetually. In 2006 the NFL was going through its collective bargaining agreement. A deal could not be made by the deadline which meant the cap stayed at the same #. The R-words were in a bind. Their model of restructures and consistently borrowing them from the future meant that it was virtually impossible for them to get under. They had to make a ton of cuts and the only thing that got them under was Lavar Arrington wanted out so bad he returned 4 million so they would have a small cap savings when they cut him. In the end this was all moot, the CBA got extended, the cuts that were made were contingent on no CBA and the players reverted back to the team. But this example was a cautionary tale to what Howie was doing. Fast forward to this year. The cap went down unexpectedly and Howies hands were tied. He pulled all but one or two levers to get us under. So why borrow from the future at all? If you expect the cap to go up, it can actually make financial sense. Much like when the mortgage rates drop and money becomes "cheaper", a higher future cap is "cheaper" money. If the cap is 300 million one year and 320 million the next year, borrowing 30 million from the future year is a smaller % of that years cap vs 30 million of the current cap. If done in moderation, it is an effective way to build your team. The trick is balance, making sure you also have cap flexibility for the unexpected whether it be a pandemic or a breakout star that you want to extend.
  7. It reminded me of the game against SD in 2005. We went all in to stop Tomlinson and held him to like 13 yards that Brees was free to drop 350 on us edit: it was 17 and 299
  8. And the giants STILL find a way to blow it I took Washington in Last Fan Standing. This is why I’m the worst at survivor pools
  9. You got the lead and the ball with 3 minutes left. You got a promising young RB who has had several runs over 10 yards. Your QB is an UDFA making just his 3rd start. What do you do? Try to drink and dunk apparently. Good job Washington You deserve this L
  10. Understood, no worries. If you do have interest in either or both of those guys, send an offer.
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