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  1. 1979 Finnish instructional video on how to open a door
  2. Back in May we were over 70 episodes behind. Now we have less than a weeks worth on the dvr
  3. Your math is bad and you should feel bad. She'll be 26
  4. Pros: The southern part is rural enough that you don't feel like you are in suburbia hell but populated enough that you can get things fairly easily. Its close enough to Delaware that you can shop tax free without actually living in Delaware. Cons: Dat Mushroom smell
  5. Now I'm leading two large projects and completely burned out while schmoopie is on baby duty. What was I thinking?
  6. I think I only took a week of vacation and 10 of the 12 weeks of paternity leave (kind of a way to "pay back" the emergency leave I was granted). The paternity leave was the best, it really let me bond with baby girl. But by the end of it I was chomping at the bit to get back to work.
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