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  1. Not sure what you mean. That song goes with what the group is about.
  2. Young people do, heck even the movie. But the message of the song gets lost because of their catalogue. It undermines everything the writers intentions.
  3. It's important to note, lapd was really terrible and corrupt at that time. But NWA was mostly glorifying the street life. To act like this group was right up there with PE is nonsense. I always go back and forth with the question "is gangsta rap detrimental"? I say no because I do enjoy it. Haha. Most of the ppl back in my day who would say F the police were either criminals or young kids (like me) thought it was cool. This is coming from a guy who grew up in Compton
  4. Agree. What really bothers me is them pretending they know about certain teams. I've heard on different nat TV games, shake and Kork have been great for us. Mark Jackson? , ugh. Praying for the last 6 years that some idiot franchise hire him
  5. Didn't expect much today, BTW I hate watching national TV games. Give me nbc all day

    EDP is a pedo

    Heard there is a warrant for his arrest. Not sure if it's true or not.
  7. I'm myself confused.The organization doesn't care about black Lives? They are just Anti Cop?
  8. We all know he won't but securing the #1 seed is important.
  9. That one always bugged me . Never understood why it didn't get more attention. Instead more people focused on Michael brown, smh. So sad
  10. Doc frustrates the hell outta me. Why in the hell would you assign Seth to defend his brother at any time? He's been incredible all month and you assign the worst defender on the roster. When he has simmons active he also doesn't assign him to defend the opposing star player until late.
  11. MFDOOM

    EDP is a pedo

    I always thought there was something mentally wrong with him. Not this, but he was obviously depressed and parents failed to raise him correct. Plus never found him funny besides the first video that made him viral.
  12. Cool if you believe that, I respect your opinion. Imo, thought some of the evidence could have sway the jury to a lesser charge.
  13. Reason why I deleted Twitter. Can people justs stop saying this was a slam dunk case. Or after watching a clip, declaring "there shouldn't even be a trial." I myself think Chauvinshould be locked up, but there was credible (imo) evidence for the defense or lesser charge . Which is why we have Trials.
  14. My bad. I took your words as saying false narratives are no big deal. My apologies
  15. Disagree, I think it's harmful. Majority of people believe Michael Brown was innocent. Or how about the rayshard Brooks narrative.
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