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  1. Bro, this obsession you have it unhealthy. Get help.
  2. Yep. These people are sick. It's that whacky religious factor that shouldn't be part of these decisions. Sadly, they now are.
  3. Who was that SF Giants fan that was really annoying? TimLinecumz or something like that? I like to think he and Kz are the same person.
  4. Yeah, that's pure insanity. What a psychopath.
  5. True Americans hate traitors. I understand why that'd be confusing to you.
  6. Damn, I haven't seen kz this spun up in a while.
  7. I thought this is where they were all along.
  8. Can we talk more about the ketchup on the wall though?
  9. Kyle Becker doesn't know what hoax means.
  10. Not sure why you wouldn't want to write-in the greatest president in our lifetime. Do you hate America?
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