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  1. RIP Goose, he was a great guy and a fun personality he will be missed
  2. Tampa sports got it made with their franchises. Too bad the fan base is trash and take those championships for granted and we starve for 1 in our lifetime. Welcome to Philadelphia sports where it’s more than a struggle.
  3. Didn’t the Pirates kick our arse last season? You know we suck against losing teams let us not forget about how the Marlins own us
  4. Norwood and Knebel can both gtfo
  5. I’d give him a shot. He couldn’t be worse than this hack
  6. Knebel sucks is there anybody else that can close? I’d rather have Neris back
  7. Yea rumor has it he shot himself in the head because of it. Sad news RIP
  8. I heard that it was about Christopher Robin abandoning/starving Pooh and piglet to where they become more of their wild animal instincts and prey upon humans out of hunger and spite
  9. Just confirmed my seats for the 4DX theater with the moving seats and environmental effects. Better be worth it $45 for 2 seats
  10. This sounds awesome what’s epix?
  11. I hope there’s a sequel with Keanu Reeves also playing himself
  12. I’m an alcoholic that loves Kentucky bourbon. Any welcomed suggestions to try?
  13. I’d rather say that than bro. Add at least another 15 years then make fun of me all you want
  14. Everyone wants a rebuild my guy. What happened in the past is the past but this team sucks, they’ve been bad for years and we all know it. It’s not under our control but we can only hope for change. Ed would never had let it come this far if he were still alive.
  15. Ellis is the David Robertson signing of the Flyers.
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