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  1. can't wait to get kicked in the nuts when the Celtics take Garza at 45...
  2. we talking about teammates or bosses? the players largely seem to not want to answer. is Dak a bad leader b/c of it. i dont understand the players' general hesitancy to talk about it, but it has nothing to do with their leadership - and they are peers not bosses. lets remember this was a guy JP called the General....
  3. Morey is going to pull off some samurai ish, just watch
  4. Moronic the customer sets the agenda. The school system provides a service its not an employment program. And teachers certainly do not know better despite often thinking so. tenure and pensions etc need to go. Unions need to go.
  5. The idea its paid for is laughable. More stupidity but it was obviously coming. I bought infrastructure six months ago
  6. Nonsensical gibberish the parents are the customer . Teachers provide a service. Its not a matter of resources its a matter of shiddy parents and shiddy teachers. Ffs we have morons like munson in classrooms
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