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  1. Saying the offspring has none is just the same feelings. How convenient for those not wanting responsibility…the state has every place is settling disputes between its people. Pretty much the purpose of courts is such contracts this could be easy. Make is legal up to 12 weeks. Carve outs for rape and incest and risk to life of mother. But no funding for it. Let those who believe in it fund it.
  2. I dont think so. What legislation did this change? I think they value the proper process and rule of law. Thats why they ruled this way. Would seem to also be consistent with their gun ruling no?
  3. To many that pregnancy is not an injury but another individual with rights…do you get to push another skier off the cliff to prevent going over yourself? do you accept that risk of injury when you ski? Of course. You also accept the risk of pregnancy and disease with sex. Accepting risk brings accountability and responsibilty with it.
  4. Outliers. Not the basis of a sound position. this will have to be a big compromise to get a federal law. So unlikely to happen. Instead we will get a patchwork mess on a state by state basis
  5. Did they have autonomy when they chose to have the seks??
  6. Then take it up with congress to do their damn jobs
  7. Nope. The court exists for the rule of law not popular opinion
  8. One is an enumerated right the other is abortion Cant assume the motive
  9. The airplane ticket would cost more than the class Bc they are still trying to get laid
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