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  1. I'm fine with my evaluation. The guy isn't athletic enough to play corner in the NFL. I'm sure every pick is great in your eyes though.
  2. The guy looked horrible. simple. Can you cover or not? He doesn't have the speed.
  3. I don"t know about you but I expect a little more than a project out of a fourth round pick. I'm not expect him to start, but I do expect him to cover at least somebody.
  4. What Twitter page am I looking for to see the picks? Thanks
  5. This is exactly true. Lurie actually believes he's a football guy now. We all know he isn't, but how long until he figures it out.
  6. Hey can Luke Kelly get a shout out. Probably before a lot of your guys time but his version of raglan road is the best ever done.
  7. funny how the team protects the qb when they like the guy.
  8. get ready he will be the ridiculous hire.
  9. Howie claims he defers to coaches when the picks don't work out. When the picks are right, which they rarely are, he takes all the credit for those picks. They are liars. Doug wasn't picking any player he can't even pick his coaches.
  10. Go ahead and inform them they are not please. thanks. Howie has't gotten anything right in a couple years.
  11. Kafka is the yes man that lowie is looking for. They don't want to hire anybody with a pair of cajones. Lurie is jerrah Jones part 2.
  12. nope, nor will he. We will hire somebody nobody else is interested in again so they can control them.
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