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  1. Oh my Lord. Todd Bowles being interviewed. Took the Jets from 10-6 to 5-11 to 5-11 to 4-12 in 4 short years. Must be an MLK Day thing. Quick, get Bienemy on the phone before the Texans grab him.
  2. Well it looks like they caught the Brewerytown murdering scum who shot that unlucky Temple student walking his dog. Krassner is busy preparing a strong case against them - littering in the first degree, for leaving lead slugs and a body on the sidewalk. Should keep them locked up for months.
  3. He also destroyed the USPS by hiring an a-hole lackey to reduce the postal service ranks in hope of screwing with mail-in votes, so now the posal distribution centers are clogged from floor to ceiling with undelivered packages and people are still just receiving Xmas packages - if they're lucky.
  4. Dogs are great... if you like smelly servile groveling companions. Meow.
  5. Let him stay in the Pac12 with Chip. Besides, he doesn't fit the pattern. The Eagles hired an NFL coach... then a college coach... then a high school coach. It's obvious they'll be trolling the junior highs next.
  6. Might coaches be leery of accepting a job at a place where coaches get axed so quickly? Just askin'...
  7. Hope, yes. Expectating it'd work, no. Even before Wentz was injured by the Rams, I posted a warning that he was a showboat and if he wasn't reeled in he'd get injured. I'm not happy I was right, but the dude's ego is his downfall. He wants to be spectacular, doesn't care about playing smart. Colin Cowherd just recommended Joe Brady for the Eagles new coach and I agree that would probably be the best choice to straighten out the QB situation. If not him, then maybe Eric Bienemy (who probably is the front runner because he's black.)
  8. If Wentz is the QB Smith would be wasted here. As soon as the fans favorited him, Wentz would stop "seeing him" on the field in favor of pulling the ball down and trying to run with it.
  9. They want a minority coach. Howie will probably bring in Stacy Adams or Marvin Lewis.
  10. He was sadly underappreciated. His defense outplayed the offense by a mile. Just as it did under Reid's tenure, under both JJ and Juan Castillo.
  11. I doubt if Smith will be here either. There's no way he'll make it to the 6th pick in the draft.
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