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  1. Nick wants to stick with Hurts. Which means we should have a very low draft pick in '23. Yay for that... I guess. And as for Watson. He'd be great... until he grabs another masseuse's boobs and is suspended for 6 games.
  2. Can't stand Zeke with that silver booger in his nose and his signature "eat a bowl of come" gesture.
  3. I can't wait to see Stephen A Smith's commentary tiomorrow. I hope Michael Irvin is on his show.
  4. The Eagles need to dump their Special Teams and QB coaches. Along with Reagor and Hurts.
  5. The Bengals, or the Bills. against the Bucs or Packers. First choice Burrow v Brady.
  6. Agreed. I thought it was a good idea until they implemented it. But it's clearly unfair. I think they should do one 15 minute period, and if no one wins by then, it's a tie.
  7. Well, amen to this season. Now we can turn our attention to that South Jersey farmer on Battlebots.
  8. I'm shocked that Hurts actually threw a TD to Smith instead of trying to run it in himself and getting stuffed again.
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