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  1. I could be wrong, but I don't think your picture is Kelly Green. I believe you have one of the darker shades of green.
  2. Cameron Rising from Utah would be a great addition I would also take a flyer as a UDFA on Max Duggan from TCU. keep one as QB #3 on the roster and the other on the Practice Squad.
  3. If you like Chinese, you will really like Thai. Every bit as flavorful and much fresher because of the cooking methods. No steam trays. All food prepared to order.
  4. No, the question implies nothing. You inferred all of the above.
  5. I just tried that combination and it looks good, but your security box was empty. That was a disappointment.
  6. Now that the question has generated discussion. My personal opinion is that both Iggles_Phan and austinfan both have valid points. Zeurlein's assessment was probably correct in the spring of 2019 and if Zeurlein were to provide a 2022 assessment it would have evolved somewhat.
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