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  1. Insurance companies should be able to charge people who are overweight more. And smokers. And people who drink too much. And morons who refuse to get the vaccine. I pay more for your unhealthy choices because of risk pools. You’re free to be a fat, poor moron. You’re not allowed to make me pay for it.
  2. Pass. Would be impossible to find under the rolls of fat anyway.
  3. They really aren't trying to hide it anymore. This is bananas.
  4. The incontrovertible evidence is clearly on Hunter Biden's laptop. Or Tucker sent it via UPS on a flash drive.
  5. The issue is once you normalize for both hesitancy and age differences, there really isn't much of a difference. It's the same as the mythical wage gap -- once you normalize the data to compare people in the same job and level, it virtually disappears. But that doesn't stop the left from perpetuating these myths in order to try and whip up anger and get votes with falsehoods. If we want to talk about structural racism, there are plenty of real examples -- mandatory minimums, funding schools with property taxes, etc. But when the left tries to loop EVERYTHING into racism or sexism without looking at the whole picture, it weakens the message and prevents progress on real issues because they lose all credibility.
  6. I couldn't disagree more. Those who receive training need to use it responsibly. Just because a cop has training on how to shoot a gun, we don't say it's no big deal if he decides to shoot someone on his day off. There is a GREATER responsibility on someone with his kind of training.
  7. Which proves absolutely nothing. Newsflash, there are more old white people than old black and Latino people. So since we prioritized old people, then guess what the outcome is? Damn pesky facts. Not everything can be blamed on racism, and it cheapens actual racism when you try to make it the reason for every disparate outcome. https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2019/07/30/most-common-age-among-us-racial-ethnic-groups/ https://www.census.gov/content/dam/Census/library/publications/2018/acs/ACS-38.pdf
  8. It's the same thing in LA. Most people from the west side (i.e., rich area) end up going to downtown or other African American/Latino areas to get the vaccine (myself included). They get plenty of doses in those areas but people don't sign up.
  9. This really isn't difficult. Want to get people to take the vaccine? Simple. Anyone who gets COVID after 9/30/21 and wasn't vaccinated (assuming they were eligible) will not have their medical care covered by Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, etc. If you choose to be irresponsible, then deal with the consequences of your actions. Now, that would be easiest, but it will never happen. Luckily, the market will step in. Want to fly on a plane? Show proof of vaccination. Go to a baseball game? Concert? School? Chuck E Cheese? Make those who choose to be idiots sit in their homes all day. Government can't force someone to get a vaccine, but businesses are free to refuse service to anyone they want.
  10. Getting Jugdish and the boys to start making IEDs.
  11. Well, this thread has taken another predictable turn towards stupidity.
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