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  1. How does everyone see the restrictions being lifted? Is it a slow return to normal with fewer and fewer restrictions remaining in place as more people get vaccinated/new cases fall? Or do they keep us masked and socially distanced until the bitter end?
  2. I'm not sure what angle he's trying to take here, but it's got my attention... I'll give him that.
  3. So just to give some background on this so everyone understands what's all gone on here... -Toronto and Peel Region were placed in a 28 day "lockdown" phase last Friday that went into effect this past Monday. The lockdown means that all restaurants can serve take-out only like it was back in the spring. All indoor dining is closed. -Skelly fully opens his BBQ restaurant early in the week with large crowds swarming the place, many dining inside and without masks. -Toronto Public Health orders him to cease indoor dining and issues him fines. -He opens up the following day. Once again, indoor dining, big crowds, etc. Toronto Public Health orders him to close and actually has the locks changed on his business. -Skelly breaks in to his own business to prepare to open up again, police arrive, and it escalates into the video posted above. There are rumors floating around out there from people that know him that he actually wanted to get arrested so he can test lockdown orders and all pandemic related restrictions in a court of law. Should be interesting to follow. He's already got $140k raised for his legal defense. Have at it, CVON!
  4. Well at least you guys have good food and booze, because the football games look absolutely dreadful.
  5. Happy Thanksgiving my neighbors to the south. Please don't catch the Rohnz.
  6. That's almost as embarrassing as changing your name to Football Team.
  7. I don't hate the idea of Jennings as the host, but I'm not sure I like it either. I guess we'll see how the guest hosting goes. Maybe he'll be a natural fit or another one of the guest hosts will knock their socks off.
  8. Sounds like Jeopardy will resume production next week with a string of guest hosts, the first one being Ken Jennings. More hosts to be announced later. https://variety.com/2020/tv/news/ken-jennings-guest-host-first-jeopardy-episodes-death-alex-trebek-1234838535/
  9. I remember when the majority of us thought that we stole Green-Beckham from Tennessee because Dennis Kelly looked like an overweight lesbian. Good times.
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