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  1. Gotta know how to finish games.. the 3rd quarter they stand around, stop pushing the ball up and the turnovers start adding up. They deserve to lose this
  2. Triple headers at the Palestra and as far as Penn still bitter about the 90-47 loss to Villanova in 1971...
  3. If I remember right he had a weird handle..something with a bunch of numbers in it...he was really good...definitely not an arm chair guy
  4. And don't tip any draft picks early on draft night....
  5. Geez...just looked into going to the Raider game...they jacked up the hotel prices ahead of the official schedule. Looks like I will be flying in and out on the same day.
  6. This is why I am excited for the Eagles with the new staff. Devonta was a sexy pick, but everything else was just solid coachable football players...now the fun begins and we get to see just how good the coaches are at teaching...I am always excited around a rebuild. The Eagles get to learn a lot about themselves.
  7. I would have preferred a few less "tweeners". I want guys with dedicated positions coming out of the draft, but maybe the new defensive philosophy and scheme is to be more fluid with multiple looks.
  8. Do you actually anticipate anything but a negative response? No matter what the outcome of the draft, some people are always going to complain and try to rationalize.....thank goodness there is only a handful of the truly negative people who post My approach to the rebuild is "wait n see" so I am reserving judgement until I actually see players on the field....
  9. Yup...I would be satisfied with the team playing hard and a lot of moral victories. A lot of young players will have a chance to shine on occasion....
  10. I am interested in the coaching/teaching they are about to receive..grab the talent and coach it up
  11. Colts go TE....that could impact Ertz landing spot
  12. Tommy had him on his target list.....
  13. They are so far behind too....we are talking minutes
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