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  1. I was worried Slay got taken into custody... Cause he absolutely F'ed Sam Darnold at that game.
  2. Agree on Sirianni. If rent is due everyday, then Nick is a dollar short and a day late every Sunday. But it's a new day... lets focus on the positives: On offense, some guys I'm excited for the future - 1) Devonta Smith 2)Landon Dickerson 3) Kenny Gainwell. In fact the offensive line in general has been a lot of young guys having to step up, and they haven't looked as bad as they could. Growing pains for sure, but you can build something there with another offseason of turnover. Devonta really is a numba one guy, not much more needs to be said about him. Kenny G has even more juice than Sanders at this point. I'm a Penn State guy, so love having Sanders, but Kenny G has really noticeable talent. I don't know that he has workhorse ability, but if he's a Darren Sproles type change of pace guy, he adds a dimension to an offense. On defense... Well at least Sweat is locked up long term. As I said, just not a lot of players I see sticking around for 3-4 years. Milton Williams has at least seen some playing time and done some positive things, which is actually really impressive considering our starting DT combo, so I can be optimistic about him too I guess. Siposs - what a punter! It's nice to unequivocally say that one phase of this team is doing a great job, just unfortunate it's the guy you don't see when the other phases of your team go perfectly. Most importantly - I don't have to root for the Eagles to tank. Normally when the team looks this bad, I'd say "lose as many games as possible, get a better pick" - but F that. Go out there and win some games you shouldn't (like Carolina.) End up with a 7-10 record and a 14th selection. I can root for the Dolphins to tank so their pick is in the top 5. Rooting for the Dolphins to lose is like rooting for Tampa Bay to win - odds are good. Matter of fact, let's root for the Colts to make the playoffs too. Go Indy! I'll take a 26th overall selection to add a 1st round guard prospect next year. 100% agreeable.
  3. Cutsona25


    Okay... I just have to put some things out there so that I can externalize them rather than internalize them. I'm not crying, I don't expect this season to be successful, so it's not worth being sad about. I'm also fairly okay with winning a super bowl and being bad for 5 years after, so the Eagles get a pass from me for the next couple years. With that as a preface: This team is BS garbage hot mess trash. The DC talks about being multiple and not giving away the gameplan all off-season, then we march out zone defense for 80% of the season so far. I'd be fine with bend/don't break mentality, but this team isn't even tough in the red zone. It's a bend, bend, bend, break defense. What happened to ripping at the ball all the time? Have they punched one ball out, without a helmet? Missed assignments, poor tackling, giving up 5 yards per run play... it's all bad. How about we actually cover all of the offensive players in the red zone? The linebackers are trash. I'm tired of the try-hard whiteboys, the project "development" guy, and the Vikings leftovers. The secondary isn't much better. Great PBU by Maddox today, great INTs by Slay, but let's not let Sam Darnold going full Sam Darnold confuse things - a good QB can torch this secondary. They just haven't needed to because the run defense is so bad. Overall the defensive scheme, talent, and execution have all been sub-par. Add on to that the STUPID penalties... I struggle to find 3 names I want in this defense 2 years from now. The only saving graces have been Hargrave and Cox... maybe Sweat... but that only gets you so far, and Cox isn't getting any younger. I'm done hoping Barnett pulls his head out of his ass. As for the offense, Jesus Christ in Heaven, please save my heart from watching this team get into third and long situations. To be blunt - Jalen Hurts is not the guy right now. Maybe he can be the guy in 2 years, but I doubt it. I don't want to watch the QB throw the ball away on third down 4-5 times per game. It's the smart decision when you do it once or twice with no better options, not the whole game. His only skillset seems to be rolling to his right and throwing it up for Devonta. I hear he can run the ball, but so far our coaching staff doesn't seem smart enough to utilize that well. Hurts seems like a really nice dude, and a good leader, and I'll root for him as long as he's under center, but I think the front office will only be as loyal as their options. Hurts is actually low on my list of concerns for the offense. I'm ready for a new offensive coordinator to take over play-calling. At what point do injuries across 4 spots of the O-line become symptoms of bigger issues than bad luck? Does this team have wide receivers other than Devonta Smith? Beyond that, why is every red zone play a pick play? I don't think it's working Nick. Nothing but questions on offense. Aside from being a terrible WR... can Reagor just stop being on special teams? I'd rather see Ward catch the ball and fall down than Reagor's backward-running-to-try-to-make-a-big-play stupid selfish BS he does. The special teams have looked terrible too. The FGs/punting have been fine, and props to those guys, but coverage on kickoffs/punts and returns on the same have been lackluster at best. Overall, pretty terrible team.
  4. What happened to guys are gonna rip at the ball and force fumbles? What happened to "our linebackers are proccessing at a pretty good level"? What happened to the HITS principles? Holes-Coverage, Intercept-nothing, Miss-Tackles, Slow? Run defense has been garbage. Was BG the only good run defender on the DL? Pass defense was terrible today. They're looking worse and worse.
  5. McCoy is my guy. I can only assume most of you hating on him were the same people that stopped rooting for the Eagles while Vick was on the team. Only explanation. Bunch of nerds mad that a guy put out spoilers on a movie and tipped a server 25 cents. I'm not saying he's a nice guy, but all of his off the field "issues" were innocent BS. There's a guy with 22 pending sexual lawsuits in the league, and you think Shady is a POS? Calibrate your moral compasses. That said, happy to see Shady retire as an Eagle. One of the best players to ever play for the Eagles. Love the guy.
  6. OP makes Liberace look like Clint Eastwood.
  7. Don't you know what happened to the last fans that insulted Rocky? Here's a hint, we won a SB in their city two weeks later.
  8. Season Team GP GS Rec Yds Avg Lng TD FUM Lost 2019 DAL 15 6 55 828 15.1 59 3 2 1 Likelihood Ceedee exceeds the above stats? 20% At least Randall Cobb played in the SEC.
  9. Your coach's mom loves the Eagles. (Denise Judge)
  10. No thanks... there's taters in other parts of the board. Only 3 places I'd post in the EMB - RnR, The Eagles Blog in TATE, and the Mock Draft section in April. Anything else I couldn't handle the level of stupid constantly flooding every topic.
  11. Only while wearing those new shoes... Yeastys.
  12. Must be a millennial, I don't remember you at all.
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