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  1. Exactly what I've been saying about Reagor. He's starting to finally produce, why do we want to trade him now? I think we all want Covey to make the team, but can we keep a guy that's just a return specialist?
  2. This is a bit of a stretch. He's entrenched as the starter 'for now', but this is a prove it year. If he struggles to throw the ball with this receiving corps, then we will move on.
  3. For real, I'm not really interested in trading Reagor. He could still win the slot receiver job and might actually end up benefitting from having a veteran like Brown here. Trading him now is selling low. Keep him.
  4. I want to wait until TC gets going. You never know when you'll nee some depth at receiver and he could still win the slot job and be the PR.
  5. I saw a report that the plans are for a 55,000 seat stadium. If that's true it would be one of the smallest in the league, a 12,000 + less seats than the linc. 35,000+ less than the Cowboy's stadium. Pros: Smaller stadiums could be a good thing for a (somewhat unpopular) home team. Since there are fewer seats you'd have more sold out games. It would also make tickets a little harder to come by, which would mean that we Eagle fans would have a harder time getting tickets (in theory). It's also a smaller venue, which might improve the fan experience. It's a dome, so you close the roof and get plenty of fan noise. Cons: It would be embarrassing if the commanders couldn't even sell out their own very small stadium. Washington's home attendance was 2nd to last int he NFL at 52,751, so that's a very real possibility. I don't think this 'harder for opposing teams to get tickets' argument is valid. Eagle fans dominated the stands in FedEx, and I don't think that would change much in a new stadium.
  6. Apparently he had a lady friend in the car with him, too. He was out clubbing (in Miami!) reportedly with somebody who was his "cousin". Kick in the teeth for anybody who was a fan, and it's gotta be even harder for his widow.
  7. I've seen this before, it's the "it's on I-95 therefore it's a good location" syndrome. Whatever. F the Redskins. Look y'all I live like 30 minutes from that stadium location. I'm gonna be at every Eagles game there for sure.
  8. It's more like a half hour. The problem is that this is still a really bad location. If you live in Virginia you already know the traffic on I-95 is terrible, and that stretch is just about the worst. There's no public transportation. It's not easily accessible to (really any) airport. It's far from the Redskins practice facility in Ashburn (that has to be at least a 1.5 hour drive). It just makes no sense to me. They've basically gone from a really bad location in Landover to another really bad location in Woodbridge.
  9. And I just saw this yesterday https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/dan-snyder-investigation-nfl-owners-reportedly-counting-votes-as-they-grow-weary-of-commanders-owner/ Bits I found interesting: Sounds like if the financial allegations are true Snyder's gone.
  10. I'd honestly love to see this broken down to see if there's any correlation between winning and singing your own players. It seems logical to think that there is, but who knows?
  11. Going 5-1 against the NFC East would be good. I feel like this is a bit optimistic, I'd sprinkle in a few losses here and there.
  12. That headline, LOL, stupid bot. It will be interesting to see Carson back, but I'm hoping for one of his "what in the Carson Wentz was that" moments.
  13. The plan is to increase Jalen's trade value and move him next offseason. I'd argue that barring a pro bowl season, he's gone next year.
  14. Two reasons: Supply & demand. Demand for QBs is relatively constant. However, the supply has been pretty good this year: Deshaun Watson, Russ, Baker, Garropollo, Wentz, Ryan. This reduces Jalen's trade value. Next year the supply will likely be less, which means that there may be a market then. This is especially true because... Jalen Hurts is likely to put in better numbers this year. We have a better supporting cast and he has another year in this system. We'd have a QB with good numbers and with a dirt cheap salary cap number. That's marketable, that's trade-able. It would put the Eagles in a position where we don't necessarily have to move on from him, but I still think that's the plan.
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