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  1. Some very emotionally attached fans here, sorry that you are having a bad day. This is how I felt the day I realized Howie would be back making picks no matter what! Not very surprised at the perceived paltry return for Wentz, I think it is close to value.
  2. LINK Didn't really think that NE were serious suitors at any point. I have read that NE is interested in Mariota.
  3. Report: Eagles don’t feel they’ve received a fair offer for Carson Wentz Sounds like they are searching high and low for ways to screw this up. Starting to get that feeling that Howie has overplayed his hand with his few media friends and now the league is calling his bluff. There are other less expensive QB options out there for teams to try and redeem that don't have the baggage and have shown more than Carson has over the last 2 seasons.
  4. I could give Wentz another shot but all the messaging indicates that this situation will resolve itself otherwise. I think that a fresh start is in the best interest of all at this point. Maybe get a draft pick out of it and hopefully it's not an Osweiler to Cleveland situation.
  5. Good for Duce, may he find his path to success and promotion from this move. After the kickoff and first two plays against TB in the 2002 playoffs, I really thought we were headed to a dominant win and to the SB. One of my favorite Duce memories, I was so excited for that game.
  6. Sirianni and Gannon together are interesting.
  7. Considering the circumstances I think Duce gets his shot at last.
  8. Mostly Howie, he should not be part of talent acquisition .
  9. Hang in there, glad to know I have company.
  10. Well nobody can ever take that Super Bowl night away from me! If Roseman is in charge of drafting again, then this year becomes even more of a disappointment. Guess I'll hold off on some of the Eagle paraphernalia I need for my garage. 2021 is sure delivering.
  11. He should embrace retirement. Thanks for the memes and memories, Jimothy.
  12. I am absolutely loving this post, thank you for sharing your misery I hope you've had an average and ordinary day otherwise and that this has dragged you down all day. Absolutely terrific stuff, thanks.
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