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  1. What's really exciting about his game today was that it wasn't great but his B game has elevated to a high level in itself
  2. Listen we don't know what will happen yada yada but Washington is also coming off playing the teams with the top 2 picks in last year's draft. Those teams might be improved but still. And Wentz put up yards when he was well behind in a losing effort in one of those games. It's early and teams change weekly but I'm not seeing it with Wash
  3. Wentz will play like Wentz which means he'll favor getting passing yards over worrying about turnovers & sacks. The turnovers & sacks are usually more damaging to his team but in any given week you never know
  4. I started before that and Jaws won a few but I think only 2 different years. It's an interesting discussion. Has the opening up of the nfl passing game made it required that you have a top 5 QB to compete or is a good QB with a talented overall roster enough? The reality is that the best formula for a QB to win the SB is that his name is Tom Brady. Beyond that it's been guys who played well in short stretches or got carried by the rest of the team or in a few cases were top guys that season. No real formula. Obviously having a great QB is going to significantly increase your chances
  5. I could be wrong but I think McNabb is the only Eagles QB in the SB era to win a playoff game in 3 different seasons. We all want that top 5 stud but really haven't had him. Hurts has a long long way to get there but it's also not so easy to imagine them getting that by another means right now either so he might be our best shot. And of course I could be saying the opposite in 24hrs
  6. Yeah I agree on paper there's really every reason to believe the Eagles should win. But we know games don't always play out that way. If you'd beat a team 9 out of 10 times there's always a chance that one time happens in the next game
  7. Yep they can't sign him before this season is over so there will be a lot more games to judge from at that point
  8. It's always going to be about the whole seasons body of work but we'll (over)react each week. I'd rather be where we are which is encouraged
  9. To be honest in the twitter world I've always been more of a Hurts skeptic. Here I just felt the criticism was so over the top and the RB playing QB stuff was downright offensive that I became what qualifies as a Hurts believer here.
  10. I got ridiculed when I said that a few of the passes in the first game over the middle to AJ showed promise. I wasn't even making some grand proclamation just said they showed promise and the crew here got upset
  11. McDaniels was the one guy I absolutely did not want. Absolute trainwreck in Denver
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