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  1. You're back! Your mom finally paid the wireless bill huh?
  2. What about our demographics make us more prone to crime?
  3. We have the highest per capita incarceration rate in the world already. Definition of insanity etc etc.
  4. And the most votes for QBs in the probowl currently are Tua in the AFC and Hurts in the NFC. As we all expected.
  5. You can assume whatever you want. We all know you're a limp wristed little bish. And yes us whites can be ashy too. It's why your elbow crease looks like it has a yeast infection
  6. Yup. Honestly I thought the TD:INT ratio was the most unlikely for me to win and yet it's the one with the biggest lead right now. TD:INT of 6.7 (20:3), Average of 245 passing yards/game, Completion percentage of 68.1%
  7. The Rays are very good at maximizing pitchers but typically have to do it by using committees, limiting innings significantly, using openiers etc. It's a solid landing spot for Eflin because of his injury history I'll give you that. But if you're asking which one I'd want as the Phillies #4 next year (or #3 depending on how you view Suarez) the answer right now is pretty straightforward.
  8. Eflin did well for us last year but that's just objectively not true. I'm not gonna act like like Walker is some kind of ace, but both his floor and ceiling are above Eflin's easily.
  9. He's a solid fit for the rotation, but seems like a bit of an overpay IMO. Wheeler/Nola/Walker/Suarez + eventually Painter ain't bad. Could use another vet to balance things out a bit but that's decent.
  10. Turner is a great signing. Phils biggest offensive needs this year was a SS and leadoff hitter. Turner is arguably the best available (and maybe even overall) at both. I don't get the complaints.
  11. It was close until the 4th (19-21). Then the Colts crapped the bed. 3 INT and 2 lost fumbles were a big part of it. Once the Cowboys got the lead and could just run the ball, and the Colts were forced to air it out it was all over.
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