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  1. Gonna be an interesting case study on whether Bud Light and crab fries can prevent COVID.
  2. Has he ever played DE before? Guys insanely talented and has shown pass rushing moves, but I gotta imagine there's a big difference pass rushing as a LB compared to a DE.
  3. Apparently the Cowboys are moving Micah Parsons to DE. Did not realize that was an option.
  4. @LeanMeanGM hes also taking "bonus predictions" if you're feeling saucy.
  5. Their secondary is beat up, but no weakness trumps Nate Gerry playing at LB. Dallas Goedert 300+ yards and 4 TDs
  6. Very interested to see his snap count this year vs last. Jumped from 38% last year to 54% week 1 so clearly the team wasn't just talking when it said they wanted to play him more in the preseason.
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