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  1. Pretty much everyone I know who used them enjoyed it for a few months then started to hate it. It's a lot of upkeep, missed dates, weird rules etc. I'm good.
  2. The idea of going back to the dating world makes me want to vomit. JUST missed out on the dating app scene and very thankful for it.
  3. 2 observations: 1) WTF West Virginia? 2) Where TF are these states in the midwest, nowhere near ports of entry or mexico, getting all these uncut pure drugs? That seems like finding the best oysters in the country in Kansas
  4. So no talk of Hunter Biden's laptop over Thanksgiving dinner? That's a shame.
  5. I'm guessing they are not aware of your online persona
  6. Both my parents taught in and around Wilmington back in the day. Hopeless was definitely the major theme. My dad was a basketball coach and for a lot of kids, high-school basketball championship was viewed as the peak of their life. Almost all of them from his coaching days have died. I also spent 3 years in a pediatric office in downtown Wilmington. We had a memorial wall of kids lost to violence/drugs/etc. Dozens of pictures up there. It's Fed.
  7. I did but I thought your reference to "his skills" was to Lance since you were posting a Lance highlight video. My bad.
  8. The reason you're not getting much on Lance is there isn't much to go off of for him. He flashed serious talent as a redshirt freshman last year, but against overall very weak opponents. This year he played a grand total of 1 game against central Arkansas and was inconsistent. He's a huge gamble as a first round pick. Lot of talent though.
  9. I'm a big believer in going heavy in the lines but at the same time I believe in taking what the draft gives you, and this draft is giving you a handful of really good receivers. If Sewell falls that would be really tough to pass up but otherwise I don't see how they do anything other than take a skill position first outside of a major trade down.
  10. Definitely a lot of that, but still even with good parents it's hard to force an 8 year old to sit in front of a computer screen all day within walking distance of all their favorite stuff. Another big issue where I work has been with the vocational school. Only so much remote learning you can do if you're learning how to be a plumber. It's a real clusterF. Better than last year when everyone was figuring crap out on the fly at least. So there's that.
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