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  1. Just watched episode 1. That ending...
  2. Who's the next high profile QB that ends up moving on to another team? Besides Kyler Murray.
  3. I'm referring to them having to take any action. Again I could be wrong but I think legally they're protected from lawsuit for not intervening in a situation. I hope I'm wrong and these guys don't end up just getting shuffled around to new districts like Catholic priests caught diddling the altar boy.
  4. I think (could be wrong) technically the cops aren't legally required to intervene. As absolutely Fed as that is.
  5. Guess again: I bet you feel like a big idiot now don't you?
  6. Even ignoring the typical racist BS, posting a picture showing that in non black communities gun deaths are still just slightly behind MVAs with a rapidly narrowing gap as the leading cause of kids, is such a moronic way to show how "rare" it is.
  7. You can just say "black people". We all know what you mean. But even if you Thanos snapped out all "gang bangers" like you want (again you can just say black people, it's not like we could possibly think less of you at this point anyway), it's still #2 and rapidly narrowing the gap. That's really not as strong of an argument as you think.
  8. It really isn't. Again guns are the leading cause of death in kids in the US. #1. How is that too rare to address?
  9. It's literally the leading cause of death in children in the US. How much further does it need to go to constitute a "problem" for you?
  10. It would make us better if we had better results with violent crimes, mass shootings murders etc. We don't. We're worse. It's not working by any objective measure. Isn't that a big part of your argument against teachers?
  11. Once again, we have the largest per capita prison population on the planet. If you look at first world countries it's by a massive margin. It's not working.
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