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  1. Someone needs to clip that guy. Brings absolutely nothing to the table.
  2. Does not strike me as smart enough to know what a VPN is, let alone use it. No way he could fool the mods.
  3. Unlike kmart shopping cart collectors, we have jobs that have access to a computer.
  4. They don't have gaping holes on their roster, and have killed it in the draft, so they have that luxury. The Eagles did not.
  5. What gave you that impression and do you know what he did ??
  6. Oh for f's sake. Reading that, how do you know he didn't get poked in the eye and needed a second to walk it off. Always worst case scenario for some folks.
  7. What happened to that guy. Wins the day and then gets banned ?? @Moderator6 what did he do ??
  8. You know we have guys not practicing already ( Brooks, hamstring ) and guys who didn't even pass their conditioning test.
  9. Curious, what would be your reaction if we got pick #32 from the Colts ??
  10. Obvious agenda. Not sure why people hate him, without his contribution we do not have a Lombardi.
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