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  1. I will make an exception and let redden pick up a QB. *** For everyone else, no waiver claims until after week 5, you play the team you drafted *** @Iggles25 @Shepard Wong @fordy88 @rrfierce @Redden @Agent23 @mikemack8 @MidMoFo @mr_hunt
  2. What ?? Tua is 2nd in QBR and Cooper Rush is 4th. Are you telling me they are not really the 2nd and 4th best QB's in the NFL ??
  3. You are more than twice as likely to get hurt out of the pocket than in the pocket. The data is quite clear. The more QB running takes place, the more injuries will happen. Think back to the Eagles Super Bowl season, where was the starter when he got hurt ??
  4. Eagles have played Detroit, Vikings, Commode Doors and Jags, 7-9 combined record. Bills have played Rams, Titans, Dolphins and Ravens, 9-7 combined record. Using the Athletic's power rankings, Bills have played the #4, #5, #9 and #19 ranked teams. Eagles have played the #11, #14, #20 and #31 ranked teams.
  5. So wouldn't that make it the design of the offense for Buffalo as well ??
  6. I mean, if they are a Cowboy, Giant or Commode door, the decision pretty much makes itself.
  7. The hero ball comment applies to Hurts more than Allen. Allen, 30 rushes, 168 passes, runs 15% of the time. Hurts, 53 rushes, 123 passes, runse 30% of the time.
  8. It is all falling into place. Just need the QB injury and RTK declaring the season over, and the rest will write itself.
  9. @Iggles25 @Shepard Wong @fordy88 @rrfierce @Redden @Agent23 @mikemack8 @MidMoFo @mr_hunt Changed to decimal scoring. If everyone will take a look and see if there is any other changes wanted, will only make changes today.
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