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  1. I have him in my big money league, and people talked trash about the pick. Here we are, 6th ranked RB.
  2. I have D'Andre Swift on multiple fantasy squads, so I will watch.
  3. Not the best, but I liked watching Robert Smith. So smooth.
  4. There is ways to figure out NFL employees email address'. That is how I got reinstated on the old board, got Spuds on the line to help a brother out.
  5. The Lions are going to kill us, and get some kneecap snacks. Lions 27 Eagles 17 Swift has 50+ rushing and receiving, and a TD rushing and receiving
  6. I am as well. Would have done it in 4, but @4for4EaglesNest beat me to them in the blog league. Jerk.......
  7. I have read the conversation twice, I am still not sure what you are talking about.
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