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  1. Well I think it’s more than just specifically this pandemic. There’s some negative history with vaccines in the Africa American community.
  2. I’m sure this has been discussed ad neusuem on the blog already but I watching that Carson Wentz video was surreal. On one hand, I felt good for him being in a place that made him happy but on the other hand, it was pretty obvious that he couldn’t wait to get out of Philly. I noticed that he seemed checked out during the season and this seemed to verify it for me. We had a head coach and starting quarterback basically go through an entire season not really caring whether they remained with the team or left.
  3. I don’t get anyone even remotely trying to defend Lurie here. For the standards that he and his employees ostensibly set for themselves, he has become an abject failure. Really ever since his divorce. It’s time that he considers moving on to something else. EDIT: I know people have a tendency to justify decisions their "group” makes but Lurie somehow fired a coach that is likely to become the second or third best coach in NFL history. That’s on him.
  4. Obviously. But it’s not so easy dealing with lower than average cap space and lower than average draft positions. They’ll get their run at some point but will probably end up facing a team with a younger/cheaper QB with a more talented surrounding team. The other alternative I was thinking about is to do what we unintentionally did in 2017: go all in with your top 5 elite QB with a 2-year window in mind and see if you can win one (with the full understand that you’ll be absolutely crap after the 2 years is up). Why the Packers haven’t tried this is bizarre to me. Same with the Seahawks (although an argument can me made that they tried and have just failed miserably at executing).
  5. I mean, to be clear, if it was possible to imitate, the Bucs scenario is literally what everyone wants.
  6. Yep. It’s why I think NFL teams have suddenly become more comfortable offloading QBs: they probably feel like they increase their odds of winning SBs by doing so. And that’s why I am okay with where we are: the stats say even if Wentz pulled his head out of his butt, his Super Bowl window had likely closed. The fact that we even won a SB with him was truly miraculous given the amount of draft picks we sacrificed. It should have been a logically counter productive move. My hope here is that either Hurts is excellent and we can use our draft picks next year to load up on cheap talent or he is terrible and we only have to use one draft pick on a QB (or I guess alternatively the Colts/Dolphins are terrible).
  7. Bucs were so much better than the Chiefs that day, I don’t think you can point to the off field stuff as the reason for their victory. And as for copying what the Bucs did: it’s is almost impossible. They had the best QB in history playing on a reasonable contract on a team that had spent the last decade drafting in the top 10. THAT is something you can’t imitate.
  8. A thought about our predicament in the QB discourse is how many of the elite QBs actually win Super Bowls at the zenith of their careers. Seems like over the last 2 decades or so, these great QBs win SBs prior to them actually achieving their elite status.
  9. Flacco won one as well. Manning won a SB in Denver playing the worst football of his career. Wilson won a SB in his second season being carried by his defense (since he has subsequently risen to HOF status, he hasn’t even come close). Eli Manning has no business being mentioned in the HOF but for the very super bowl wins that we are talking about. Your point still stands but there are enough exceptions to feel okay going with who you have at QB and building the best team you can. Especially now that the transition from college quarterbacking to pro quarterbacking has become streamlined with most NFL teams running College (spread) offenses.
  10. Yep. Lazy. He is a mediocre passer (although he’s been a significantly better passer than Wentz has been) but clearly a very good player. If we were playing the Ravens this week, beyond the fact that they have a clearly better team, I’d fear playing them because of Lamar. And my guess is that so would you. Now I wouldn’t expect longevity in his play, that’s for sure. Unless he really develops his passing, he won’t be playing in the league in 5 years. But between now and then, he’s going to win a ton of NFL games without needing to know a lick about how to properly read defenses.
  11. Agreed but for the life of me I don’t understand why you give up those picks for Jones. That’s what so befuddling to me. Who cares if Atlanta or Carolina drafted him? He is not a generational talent or anything of that sort.
  12. Calling Lamar a bad quarterback because he is a better runner than passer is just another lazy attention seeking hot take in the BLOG. The facts are, very few QBs (whether they predominantly pass or run) win playoff games and the Super Bowl. There have been excellent passers who have not had success in the playoffs (Rivers in this generation) and horrible passers who have found success in the playoffs (Manning in this generation). What fans should care about is who gives them the best chance to win on any given Sunday and Lamar gives his team an excellent chance to win every Sunday. That makes him a good QB in my books. Can he ever win a SB? Joe Flacco won a super bowl for crying out loud.
  13. Well that’s not true because Derrick actually has very good sources but Derrick should know enough not to tweet crap like that. It would be almost akin to Jets reporters tweeting that their sources tell them the Jets are likely to draft a QB at 2.
  14. Well the Eagles certainly don’t feel that way as they reportedly traded down because they felt Chase wouldn’t be there at 6. Devonta should be available at 6 under most scenarios. On second thought, maybe you are on to something.
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