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  1. Nobody would trade the end result of 2017 for anything, but as is the case with many teams, success sometimes makes key figures develop an ego that's too big for their own good. Remember, entering that Super Bowl, we were touted as a team that was built to stay atop our division for the next half decade, and now we find ourselves stuck in quicksand three seasons removed. With Doug now gone, if we look back, he showed a ton of signs that his ego started inflating. It started with the book he wrote (can't blame him for capitalizing on his chance, but still), then it felt like he stopped adjusting mid-game and turned back into Andy Reid pre-Mahomes. The team was poorly prepared to play in too many games to count and threw away a ton that they were supposed to win. Then, after a terrible season in which we didn't have an OC, he decides he'd promote from within rather than bring in an outside voice. As for Howie, it feels as though winning it all convinced him that he's been "right" all along (especially after the lone year of Chip Kelly being in charge of personnel). Never mind that his drafts have produced so few Pro Bowlers or how often he'd taken disappointments over studs even before Chip Kelly's interruption; Howie stuck to his guns. The Patriots flat out exposed our defense in that Super Bowl, but because we won, it seems as though he didn't feel a need to fix it, and QBs continue to tear us up. I maintain that Jeffrey is still a good owner, but winning it all may have also convinced him that his loyalty to Howie is warranted, even in the face of evidence that suggests otherwise. I didn't expect a duplication of 2017, because the stars can't align for us like that every year, but to fall off like we've done...how much of it is because of ego?
  2. Initial reaction: who? After a few minutes to digest the hiring: curious to see who he assembles as part of his staff, hoping he's open-minded enough to always be considerate of changes. Dougie seemed to have gotten too big-headed after winning a Super Bowl. I'm willing to give him a chance. The last time the Eagles hired a guy who wasn't really on anyone's radar, he stuck around for fourteen years and became the winningest coach in franchise history.
  3. Easiest way to get management to listen is just to not go to the games (when we can get back in the stadium of course). Imagine the Linc at less than 50% capacity with demands to fire Howie (a la what the Lions fans did when management hung onto Matt Millen for too long). Lurie will have no choice but to listen unless Howie really does have pictures of him.
  4. Hey, we're better than the Washington Culture, and I hear it's pretty damn good:
  5. The irony is not lost on this one.
  6. The hire really depends on what direction Lurie has envisioned for the team. Will Wentz be kept around due to financial reasons, or is the team going all in with Hurts? Which veterans are staying, and which are cap cuts/trades? What kind of rebuild are the Eagles pursuing? If Wentz is staying because of the contract hit, we need a guy who can command respect in the locker room, and that might mean hiring an established NFL head coach. If Wentz is getting shipped, the door is open wider.
  7. Play to win. I don't want to get swept by the damn Football Team!
  8. The team got rid of the official EMB. Now the players don't have to answer to official fan complaints, so they ain't playin' for us no more. Bring back the official EMB or make this one official, damnit!
  9. This game has finally gotten me into the FF7 lore universe. I haven't played because I don't have a PS4, but the cutscenes, story, characters, and music have me hooked.
  10. Here's why Kirkland won't be an Eagle
  11. Ah, the memories. In 2018, I took a trip to Texas and couldn't pass up on the chance to do this:
  12. They've given Wentz weapons. Those weapons just haven't stayed healthy for two straight years. Remember a year ago when we were salivating over our receiving threats of Jackson, Jeffrey, Agholor, Ertz, and Goedert?
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