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  1. It's interesting how the toilet bowl stretch of late last season had ripple effects through this season. The division title that so many here (and in Dallas/NY/DC) wanted was an obvious ticket to a first round playoff exit. As a result of not stumbling to a division title, the Eagles got a first round pick in 2022 and their WR. The Giants got an absurd haul for their first round pick. Dallas got a nice haul from us and still nabbed Micah Parsons. WFT got Jamin Davis...could have had their pick of either Mac Jones or Justin Fields had they not won the toilet bowl. Something to keep in mind next time we are 2-7 but one game out of first and "still in it."
  2. I actually agree with the Giants on this one. Benjamin, IIRC, is a proven turd. The door into the NFL for him is about one fingernail away from being slammed shut. He was known to be fat and out of shape for a WR. A team gives him a shot...probably as a pure curiosity experiment with little chance of making the team. They told him over a month ago to lose a LOT of weight. Instead he gains weight in the interim. Then he admits to barking back at the coach and GM on the field when they challenge him on it. Sounds like an excellent candidate for an example-making mid-practice cut to me. As far as where the Giants actually should want his weight? I don't know. Based on what I've heard about his attitude, you can't expect enough effort from him to be a good blocking TE, even if he balloons to 290. So if he's still around mostly to catch passes, I guess I can see why they wanted him to trim the weight.
  3. Barnett is not disruptive, but he generates effort pressure over time and maintains a tenacious motor in all aspects of the game. He exceeds his fair share of bone-headed penalties and struggles to stay healthy. He's pretty young for his draft year...he really has no upside at this point, but his young age makes it less likely that he'll decline over the length of his next contract. So that may give him a leg up on some other FA DE's. Some team with more cap space than us might throw a bit of money at him to plug a hole.
  4. One of 3 things must be true with the relationship between Hurts and the Eagles: 1. The people who wanted to draft him are now gone. 2. The people who wanted to draft him are still here, but are profoundly disappointed in what they've seen and no longer have expectations for him. 3. Every report about the Eagles trying to keep Wentz this offseason, trying to trade for Watson pre-draft/pre-assault, trying to trade up for a QB in the draft, and trying to trade for Watson now...is false. You don't stick your neck out there and shake the foundations of your franchise by drafting someone like that...and then look for every possible way out of it before week 1 in his second year.
  5. I share your opinion of Barnett, but let's keep in mind he's one of the best first round draft picks Howie has ever made.
  6. I think Hurts is as pure of a bad passer as you can get starting in the nfl and doesn’t even deserve this opportunity…I hope I’m wrong…but I’m definitely not going to reinforce my argument based on some media guy’s impression on Twitter after 1 day of camp (or even after 14 days of camp). Any iota of information that escapes from camp is meaningless. Entertaining? Fun to use as fodder for speculation? Yes and yes. But baseless and meaningless. Tomorrow the narrative will be that he looks like Brees in his prime. And I won’t believe that either.
  7. Best thing I've ever heard about Hurts is that he doesn't allow cameras in his workouts and turned down interviews about it. I can't stand the athletes who do the workout social media posts with clever hashtags. Just let your play do the talking.
  8. Every player is unique, so there is no right or wrong answer to this. For some WRs/players, the best way to get them to maximize their potential is to just get them on the field and get them going. So if that means PR/KR, playing in the slot because that's where the opportunity is, even if their future/fit is Z....just get them on the field and let them grow. For others, you need to give them pre-digested exposure. Let them do one thing in their best fit role where you project them, let them focus on that, and don't feed them too much to overwhelm them. Based on what we have seen so far, I suspect that Reagor is the later. So I don't think he belongs at PR right now when he needs to learn how to be a more polished WR.
  9. His name would have been on the short list for that label. Smartest money would have been on Lane Johnson, followed by Brooks and Cox.
  10. Was she? I thought that had pre dated her. Regardless, she pulled out of the all-around, so I was wrong that it was to focus on that. Seems that someone is going on.
  11. They aren't competing for anything, so it doesn't matter who they lose. For the future of the franchise, they can't afford to lose Mailata or Devonta Smith. They need to play out this season and get better. They are basically the only two players on the entire team that definitely need to have a future.
  12. A $100m deal would be a huge mistake. You want to give a completely unproven player with injury concerns a massive, massive deal just to save...what...a few million per year under what you'd have to pay at the end of the year if he exceeds expectations, starts 16 games, and looks like a top LT? Best case scenario, you save a few million under market, still nothing huge, worst case scenario, you get yet another albatross Howie deal. The guy has literally finished every year he's been in the NFL on IR and still has a lot to learn. There is a reason that below average, average, and elite players alike generally get disgruntled and don't like to play out the last year of their contracts...overall, the house usually wins and the player signs a smaller contract. Unless we start dealing with discontent, let everyone play out their deals. It's cheaper.
  13. To a certain extent, I am being devil's advocate...but what do you think the response would be if Tom Brady sat out last year's SB? You think the TB fans and teammates would applaud him taking his mental health seriously? This isn't her first Olympics either. She's already done it all, won it all, signed all the endorsements...I just find it unusual.
  14. I don’t think it’s a bad example at all. Depression/suicide/anxiety awareness, understanding, empathy…all important. As far as I have heard…she does not suffer from a mental health disorder. My suspicion is that she didn’t have her A game and she wanted to preserve herself for her individual competitions. I wonder how her teammates feel about losing their chance at a gold medal because she didn’t feel like it? Everyone supports mental health, but I think we might want to stop short of applauding our highest level competitors for bowing out of a team event because they mentally weren’t up for it…that gets celebrities called inspirational and gets 95% of real people fired from their jobs.
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