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  1. I'm all for the mold of Reagor. After the rookie year, just not Reagor.
  2. 😂 amazing change of narrative isn’t it
  3. Yeah, but if he wasn't smart enough to give out bad contracts, the cap minimum would force us to give out new bad contracts. So...you're welcome.
  4. Absolutely...but can he catch 100 balls for 1200-1400 yards and 8-12 TDs? Hes not going to do that the way Gronk and Kelce did it. That type of physical manhandling isn’t in his game. And the way they block...that does earn them coverages against slower guys who are easier to outrun. Pitts won’t see that coverage. If he’s going to put up those numbers, he’s going to do it playing like a WR.
  5. May still need to add Foles or Alex Smith for veteran depth.
  6. Yup. And that's exactly what they want. If someone trades in front of us to draft Lance and takes Cincy out of play for Sewell, I'd tip my cap to the FO's rumor machine on that one.
  7. 1 thing that must not be done...and I feel like Howie's FO's have been particularly guilty of brash philosophical shifts multiple times before...don't overanalyze the SB. It's 1 game. The biggest learning point from the game is that it helps when the opposing offense is missing their LT and their HC is completely distracted all week. Trying to recreate the Buccs' good but not great defense won't do that for you. Look at all the teams that have earned first round byes for the last 5 years. Even if it's the same team, it's a different roster, different year. That's a somewhat workable sample size. Those are the teams winning 12 games. That means they are consistently doing something right. Those are the real trends. Just don't look too hard at Baltimore. Their blueprint sucks.
  8. If someone asks for a pic, I'm sure google could direct you to plenty of idiots who will help you provide false jpeg proof.
  9. I feel like Cincinnati either needs to give Burrow a franchise LT or his top target in Chase. Sewell is the right call, but I'm sure Chase is a very, very appealing pick to them. If Sewell is off the board, I don't see how Chase falls past Cincy. I don't really want Chase at 6, so I'm happy to see them take him off our hands.
  10. This draft is interesting at WR. There is no doubt that Smith/Chase/Pitts were the toughest covers in college football. They are the big 3. I know you don't like Pitts at 6, potentially for good reason, but if he blazes a 4.42, jumps 40", and runs a sub 7 3-cone...then we are in Julio/Andre/Megatron territory and you have to take him. But, by all accounts, that's not happening. Say he goes 4.52, 35", low 7's...great TE numbers. So then you have the 3 best receivers in college football. None of them really have slam-dunk take-it-to-the-bank traits that say they will overwhelm NFL corners. Smith with his slender frame and unspectacular speed, Chase with his short frame and even less spectacular speed, and Pitts with his below average speed for an NFL WR. No guarantees these guys are going to be the next big thing against NFL secondaries. And then in the back half of round 1...you've got Waddle, Toney, and Moore. 3 guys with very unique, very impressive movement talent...arguably SIGNIFICANTLY better than the Smith/Chase/Pitts trio. In the flag football open space craving NFL, that means something. And they are all projected in the back half.
  11. Chase probably agrees with you, since, well, he didn't play to protect his draft stock.
  12. Exactly. The top 5-6 is for guys where you can see it coming. Sure, tons of flawed prospects are worth top 10, top overall picks in hindsight. But even the teams that drafted them didn't see that coming. And if you don't have someone on the board like that, you trade out and take your chances later in the draft. I'd rather chance Jaylen Waddle turns into Tyreek Hill or a healthy Brandon Cooks in the mid-teens than I would chance that Pitts turns into Fitzgerald or Chase turns into Boldin at 6. Sewell? Not as much mystery on that one.
  13. It's not easy to find Drew Brees, Michael Thomas, Jerry Rice, Anquan Boldin, Aaron Donald, Brady, Kurt Warner, etc. All HOF players with certain deficits. When you are drafting top 10, you try to find guys without known deficits. I don't like comparing JJAW to Michael Thomas just because they both ran bad 40's, Hurts to Brees just because they both are mobile QBs with middling arms, every short DL to Aaron Donald, etc. etc. etc. Sure, that next 5'10" 180lb WR who ran a 4.5 could be the next AB. But good luck seeing that one coming. It's a lot easier to put your chips on the 6'2" 200lb WR that just ran a 4.28...you can tangibly predict the physical mismatches he'll create.
  14. You dismiss speed and 40 time in WRs, emphasizing skill, while quoting Jalen Hurts' 40 time and dismissing his massive deficits with skill. Interesting.
  15. It's a shame that our bar for played well has been set somewhere beneath 40 yards and 0 TDs.
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