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  1. He had a great college career and that's his high water mark. Not an NFL QB
  2. Legendary Suck is the perfect name. Love the double caps. It's all downhill from here.
  3. Minshew will absolutely be starting for this team soon. Hurts was a great college QB. His skill set does not translate to the NFL. Woefully inaccurate, weak arm, can't see the field. Lurie made this pick, like the Whiteside pick and others. Character is important but you have to have NFL skills too. I'd take a 5th round pick for Hurts this week and turn the page.
  4. The only thing Howie likes to draft more than undersized guys are undersized injured guys. It's not baseball or golf. Size matters.
  5. Another bad showing by the D and loss to the Lions this weekend and this guy could get fired. Goff is accurate. Give him wide open receivers underneath and with no pass rush, he'll complete those throws all day.
  6. I laughed when we drafted Taylor and the FO described him as a developmental LB. There is no such thing. Either you can play LB at the NFL level or you can't. You don't take a track star with a premium pick and try to teach him to play LB. An undrafted FA maybe. Howie blows more day 2 picks than anyone.
  7. Minshew will be starting at some point. Hurts is way inaccurate has little arm strength and can't see the field at all. I would trade him now for a 4 or 5.
  8. Our D leaves everyone underneath wide open. Goff is accurate and will hit those receivers. Take the Lions and 3 1/2 points.
  9. If not for a Sam Darnold meltdown this team would be 1-6 and on a 6 game skid. Goff is accurate and if we leave the field wide open again he will hit those passes. I would expect a Lions win Sunday and the DC to be fired next week or soon after.
  10. Eagles should trade Hurts for whatever they can get, probably a 4 or 5, and start Minshew.
  11. I would have traded down again with the Bears and gotten their #1 next year along with their 3 & 4 last draft and kept the 3 we used to trade up.
  12. 31 for 34 says it all. Goff can hit wide open WRs underneath. After we lose in Detroit maybe the DC is fired.
  13. Hurts has no accuracy, a weak arm and can't see the field. I'd trade him by the deadline if anyone wanted him. Love to get a 4, I'd take a 5 to get him out of town. Time to move all older players that have any trade value and start over.
  14. We could probably get a 4 for him.
  15. They consciously paid Sweat 13 mil a year to play half the snaps. That's what happens when you can't draft. You end up overpaying the few who are functional.
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