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  1. The FO needs to extend Mailata asap. Dillard isn't the guy and they know that now after what Barnett and Sweat did to him yesterday. The biggest jump in performance is from year 1 to 2. No improvement for Dillard. I bet they are preparing an offer for Mailata right now. Need to try and sign him before the start of the season.
  2. weko

    Win Now, Howie

    On that note...bad first two days of camp for Howie. Dillard gets destroyed by the DL and Reagor reports not in excellent shape or good shape or fair shape. He fails his conditioning test and that's why he didn't practice the first two days. The team is calling it lower body tightness.
  3. A lot better than the quality of the decision to take Dillard in the 1st round without ANYONE from the organization interviewing him. They're a reason all those teams passed on him. He's soft as Charmin.
  4. That's amazing he wouldn't be responsible enough to come to camp in good shape after such a poor rookie year. Dillard destroyed today by the DL. A bad first two days for Howie's two first rounders
  5. Looks like the off season hasn't done anything to improve this stiff's game.
  6. We are extra loyal to draft picks because Howie hasn't been able to draft at all. However this past draft we did better, although the jury is out on the 2nd day picks. Day two has consistently been Howie's worst work. We'll see if the 2nd round C/OG can stay healthy and if the 3rd round analytic's pick tweener DLman can excel at either spot. Taylor is a developmental LB whatever that is. It's another term for someone who can't play LB. You either can play LB or you can't. Hard to believe we took one who couldn't in the 3rd round because the analytic guys gushed over how fast he was. JJAW might have been Lurie's pick, so he is still here and may stay another year on the roster if Jeff/Howie say so.
  7. Ertz willingly came back as he's making 8.5 and would get half that or less elsewhere.
  8. weko

    Win Now, Howie

    Free agent vet signings plug holes short term. A long term winning team is built thru the draft.
  9. I think we will know quickly if we can move the ball. The biggest jump is from year 1 to 2 and the 2nd biggest from year 2 to 3. It will not take long at all to see if our 2nd year offensive skill position players have improved. Training camp performance is meaningless. How they play in the games is what matters. We will see...
  10. Finally got someone to start opposite Slay. No risk signing at 4 mil for one year
  11. Avery was a 5th round pick who wasn't playing in Cleveland. A 6th round pick would have been fair value for him.
  12. Just amazing we didn't draft a CB in the 2nd round and/or sign a vet by now. In a passing league the D won't be able to get off the field. Imagine what it looks like if Slay gets hurt.
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