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  1. Lurie wants Hurts to play. Minshew had good production with a horrible Jags organization. He is a low end starter and much better than Hurts right now.
  2. We need a 2nd WR but the value sweet spot is in round 2 for that position
  3. Hurts passing has not been anywhere close to stellar. He is a back up qb at the nfl level.
  4. Howie is making about 2 mil a year i think. He is the ultimate Dilbert corporate politician/survivor. The money he makes is real world for him. Lurie drafted Whiteside and Hurts, maybe others. Howie covers for Lurie by taking ownership of the picks and talking them up. "We really like how player X is developing. The coaching staff is pleased with their development and we have high hopes for him. We are very happy with...we have all the confidence in..." That's what comes out of Howie's mouth and he takes responsibility for the owner's bad picks. Lurie knows Howie has his back no matter what.
  5. I don't think the front office wants to see Minshew effectively seeing the field, reading progressions, getting the ball out accurately to the right open receiver. That would highlight how deficient hurts is at this level. Minshew is as good as Mayfield on a good day. He's a decent back up who throws much better than our starter. Would love to have him play.
  6. You must have a strong arm to be a starting QB in today's NFL. Have to be able to make that 20 yard down and out. I would find those QBs with pro arms in the 12-15 draftable college QBs and pick one of them to develop. Hopefully the right one.
  7. Agreed. Howie's ego wouldn't allow a Reagor benching. i would imagine Howie was responsible for all his targets yesterday. Just a mess to have the owner, GM & analytics dept designing the game plan and choosing the game day roster. No wonder everyone passed on the job.
  8. Hurts is an excellent back up level QB who can win you games with his feet when the starter is out. Lacks arms strength which can not be improved, lacks accuracy, not good at working through progressions, doesn't see the field, locks onto his first read with his eyes and telegraphs that to the DBs. Once he is pegged as a back up he can stop forcing throws he can't make, in hopes that he can. Protect the ball and he could have a 15 year career. Maybe 50 mil or more in career earnings. Lurie picked Hurts. Keep him out of making the next QB choice. Keep the analytics dept out of it. Let the personnel people make the choices.
  9. Reagor had a late 2nd round draft grade. Only Howie valued him in the 1st round. One of the keys to drafting well is to get fair value for a pick, not taking a mid to late 2nd round guy in the 1st. One of the many drafting rules Howie doesn't comprehend.
  10. weko

    Looking Smarter

    No there's more. We need to bar Lurie from being the one to choose which QB to draft next.
  11. You get excellent WRs in the 2nd round to the mid 3rd. If you know what you're doing
  12. weko

    Looking Smarter

    All he has to do is greatly increase his arm strength, learn to read progressions, stop locking in on his target at the snap, stop floating balls high in the sky like it's recess football. Once he's told he is a career backup and doesn't have to play hero ball, he'll throw less picks. Could have a 15 career as a well paid 3-4 mil a year backup. That's his ceiling
  13. Bridgewater will take the open throws underneath all day
  14. Most important is positional valuation. The premium picks determine whether you will be a good team or not and these players can not often be traded for or signed as free agents. 1) QB 2) LT 3) CB & DE 4) RT & DT. Good drafters focus on these positions in the 1st and 2nd rounds and into the 3rd. Next comes interior O line and skill positions. You can get excellent value here in rounds 3-4 and sometimes 5. Then everyone else. As your team gets better you have the luxury of considering good players in lesser valued positions earlier in the draft. that's a good blue print for how the rich get richer. As for player value, there is nothing wrong with drafting a player you love a bit early. But you don't take a player with a 4th-5th round grade (Whiteside) in the 2nd round. Trade down and get more picks then take the player a bit early if you really like him.
  15. Key to be a good drafting team is not just to pick good players but to also get good VALUE. QBs always go earlier than they should but you can’t draft one just to take one if he is next up value wise relative to others on the board
  16. He had a great college career and that's his high water mark. Not an NFL QB
  17. Legendary Suck is the perfect name. Love the double caps. It's all downhill from here.
  18. Minshew will absolutely be starting for this team soon. Hurts was a great college QB. His skill set does not translate to the NFL. Woefully inaccurate, weak arm, can't see the field. Lurie made this pick, like the Whiteside pick and others. Character is important but you have to have NFL skills too. I'd take a 5th round pick for Hurts this week and turn the page.
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