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  1. Wentz is such a moron. At least it'll be a high 2nd
  2. No points after a 91 yard pass play. Then they go down a score a TD to end half. That's painful. Just bad playcalling there.
  3. They're trying to be too cute. College offense. They're playing afraid of the niners defense.
  4. Definitely. I think this means Barnett moves on or signs a 1 year prove it deal. Sweat obviously beat him out. Goedert must be signed. Even at the cost of ertz leaving.
  5. Wow. Coaches who scheme to the talent of the players and actually design playcalls to get the ball out quickly and into the playmakers hands.
  6. Yeah. I turned it on. Its been on every year, why was it off and why can't I do it from my phone? What year is this? I don't have full capabilities on my phone? Is ESPN trash now?
  7. You're welcome to lobby the league but I'm not sure we had enough weigh in.
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