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  1. Ok safety maybe but the addition of Bradberry covers that
  2. Of course it wasn't. Dickerson did us a favor by being a beast at LG, so they needed to fill that hole again. We absolutely needed C. Even if Kelce plays the entire season.
  3. Kickers = more important than ever! ... deciding fantasy football matchups since forever! Hey, I was smoking dope before it was cool
  4. This is around the time that we talk about removing kickers but never actually do it.
  5. I must have missed your championship season while the sun was reflecting off my 2 rings.
  6. Hard to believe this is the 12th Season.. I was a 27 year old boy at my new job, in my first year. I'm now a MAN! I'm 39! I manage people. Newfound Old curmudgeon. Fuddy duddy extraordinare. Medical cannabis card owner and flower connoisseur. I once posted 1000 times in a day.
  7. Machine

    RIP @Dawkins20

    RIP dawk20.. you were OG and I'm thankful to have known you. Sorry to see you go.
  8. If I knew this on Jan 6th, y'all would have made like 300 dollars alone on me
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