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  1. First time in 40 years I’m turning the game off, I have no interest in this BS. Thanks Jeffery, howie for hiring the worse coach in franchise history
  2. Should have never been in the Gun from the one. If you watch closely even if he didn’t fumble the play was going to fail
  3. I just came by to say like I’ve been saying every week we have the dumbest Fing coach in the league
  4. You love suckng jalen sack don’t you? All you do on here is put his balls in your mouth. Bwest STFU
  5. Nick doesn’t deserve this win. I’m glad they won but he doesn’t deserve it. This shouldn’t let him off the hook. Jalen doesn’t deserve this win. Give this to the D and special teams
  6. That’s why they don’t run sanders because he’s a dumb crap
  7. Jim Johnson would roll over In his grave. Blitz on 3rd and long you dumb ass millennial defensive coordinator
  8. He could have picked that up and ran for a td. I mean that’s an easy td wtf dude
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