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  1. I believe there are quite a few registered republicans on this mid term thread who have actively voted against Trump and his endorsed candidates. Not everyone holds a party line
  2. and in a major recession no less. Yet they still aren’t cueing into fact that it’s 100% anti trump
  3. So much worse than getting dunked on with nuts in your face. 😂
  4. I legitimately thought they said that in second movie already. I was def not surprised. Maybe it was just easily inferred.
  5. assuming you’re referencing Dead Alive
  6. The amusing thing about insulting Biden is that I’m pretty sure most Dems are aware he’s a nearly hundred year old man who’s a bit pervy and has trouble speaking. But we would vote for just about anyone over Trump and don’t really care that Joe is all of the above.
  7. One of my ATF. Rented like 30 times as a kid Was on Shudder going through newer stuff and saw Cleansing Hour. Watched preview and was like wait I’ve totally seen this before. Turns out it is a full length remake of an awesome horror short from 2016. It’s pretty entertaining. Basically a these guys do a webcast of an exorcism every week and it’s totally fabricated. Turns out some demon not thrilled with them and actually possesses their next actor and it’s streamed live. Pretty well done and decent effects minus one cheesy one at end.
  8. same. that was by far longest lines. 2020 was close second. i voted by mail 2000 while in school, but heard it was packed too.
  9. Ok. That looks so so much better than the last one. Actually pretty excited now.
  10. I was 1 in the 70’s so I guess I was a pretty nerdy baby. Just don’t find network tv toned down stoner humor that clever.
  11. So many people ****ing about people helping during eliminations. Guessing they’re pretty new to the show. Has always been like that. Very happy to see most obnoxious team ever go home.
  12. Still stuck on season 3 of DP. Really loved first 2 seasons, but for some reason it’s just not clicking with me
  13. I tried on so many occasions. Was awful every time. Like Big Bang type humor for stoners
  14. 70’s show sucked, so not much hope for 90’s
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