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  1. gotta foul dwight in the 2nd half tonight so the crowd can win a frosty!
  2. the kate from lost scene where she swam near a waterfall wearing bra & panties changed television forever
  3. yeah...i'm going with someone in this ballpark: i'm really close, aren't i?
  4. well...sometimes you feel like a nut...sometimes you don't.
  5. @vikas83 i'm assuming this young, new assistant is good looking. how about we all post a pic of what we think she looks like & you tell us which pic comes the closest?
  6. dayum! i'd be the richest man in all of nepa!
  7. i agree. if that's what they want, more power (and money) to them. it's still funny though.
  8. vikas sounds like a real f'n treat to work for
  9. it depends on the employer...and the job. i was "smart" enough to choose a position where i absolutely cannot miss work during certain weeks of the month. at my last job, i showed up with f'n pneumonia for a couple days because of the workload involved with that job. i eventually got the hell out of there but some employers are like that...ridiculous workloads make it almost impossible to get caught up after you take time off. my new job is much better with that...but there are still certain weeks of the month i just can't take off so i have to plan all my vacations around it.
  10. the optics of repugs attacking a black woman during the confirmation hearings.... just a few months before the mid-terms... should be.....interesting.
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