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  1. biden is terrible at this. not 1 insult, derogatory nickname, or list of grievances. a total hack!
  2. not sure...how often do you need to get your mangina checked?
  3. women already get a break on car insurance. let them pay more for heath insurance. srsly, i might be dead wrong but it seems like women have a sheetload more medial appointments than men...fwiw.
  4. agreed. it should work the same way as auto insurance. how obese are we talking though?
  5. auto insurance companies use statistical analysis of claims to formulate their premiums, no?
  6. yes...some have moved from denial to anger. and their anger is hilarious.
  7. at my current & previous employers, smokers do pay a higher premium for health insurance. the previous employer even had a smoking cessation plan to help ee's get off the cigs.
  8. mr_hunt

    My New Addiction

    weed and/or edibles
  9. the trump presidency inspired all the dumbest people i went to high school & grew up with to start sharing their political opinions on social media.
  10. yeah, clinton has looked really bad for years now. anyway, the exchange between bush, clinton, & obama was fun to watch last night. i'm sure there will be partisan disagreements but imo bush seems like a really good person but was a garbage potus. clinton is the exact opposite.
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