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  1. Nobody's waiting w/ baited breath for the Baker 4pm waiver deadline? Still love Bosa - "Baker, Baker, c'mon, get up Baker"
  2. B Dawk on NFL Now, "The only thing that can stop the Eagles is the Eagles. Not to listen to the hype". Kelce & others doing a good job making sure they abide that.
  3. Have to ask, if the WR they took - Burks - could have stayed healthy and been half as good as he was being promoted to be, would Robinson have been fired?
  4. Went to bed at 16 - 3 w/ 4:43 left to go, so got a pleasant surprise this am - thanks TB!
  5. Sorry to hear GB - they're family imo. Anyone else note cowpies only had 3 penalties?
  6. It's an embroidered patch that I want to put on another shirt. Hard to stick anything to these fiberglass casts. Do have some 2 part fiberglass glue downstairs - lol! Ryan not helping us w/ that INT. All's good, we'll have to play dem boyz at least one more time.
  7. New cast, green but the iron on won't stick
  8. Rams, SF and Balt all lost their QB's today, 1st 2 for the yr. Stafford has a spinal contusion.
  9. Very sloppy but glad we won of course. Getting more nicked up each game. Didn't realize Tenn is actually just an avg team, most of their wins coming vs losing teams.
  10. Don't get me wrong, I actually appreciate them as i can't watch that much college ball.
  11. Sorry, making 100 mocks and getting a few right isn't quite like hitting the lottery. Love ya GB, but the annual GB lottery just doesn't pay off
  12. Dunno. Our OL will most likely go down w/o Kelce, I really hope he signs on another yr - nobody smarter as I told all you nay sayers yrs ago, just about everyone still on this board included. If it takes Kelce 3 yrs to find a guy, yeah - put your money on him
  13. If you can move your fingers on those keys that on at 73 - you're doing something right
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