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  1. Based on our roster's structure, the list of free agents and the age of our guys some of the needs are pretty obvious. Round 1 - With 3 first round picks we fill the 3 most pressing needs. At corner we just don't have a CB2. Even if we sign Nelson or another corner before the season, a young top flight guy is a must. That's one of the 1st round picks. Then there's defensive end. Barnett and Sweat are free agents and BG is getting long in the tooth. DE is another of the first round selections. Safety, although not valued highly by the Birds is another high priority need. McLeod, Adams, Harris, and James are all free agents. Round 2 - I think a TE2 is the pick here. We'll need a first line guy to back up Goedert Round 3 - Still sticking with needs. We still need a big running back for short yardage and goal line. We have numbers at corner but none are impressive so a corner is the pick here Round 4 - Remember all of our safeties are free agents - another one here Round 5 - A G/C. Although Dickerson appears to be Kelce's eventual replacement we'll still need an interior guy if Jason retires. Round 6 - The quarterback factory needs a developmental guy so it's QB3 Round 7 - If at first you don't succeed - try, try again. LB.
  2. GREAT - never to early to start the speculation.
  3. Make or break? Pryor is already broken. He has no shot at being here on opening day. There are 9 OL spots locked up - Mailata, Johnson, Dillard, Driscoll, Brooks, Seumalo, Dickerson, Herbig, and Kelce. IF they keep 10 there's Stoutland's 2nd favorite project, Brett Toth plus Juriga, Pierschbcher, Awosika, and Opeta - none of whom stunk the joint out like Pryor did last year.
  4. I don't agree Newman has the best shot at the 53. I think they keep 2 QB's and he's a sure thing for the practice squad. I like the wide outs. The article is right, both Grimes and Ausbon should push everyone but Reagor and Smith for their roster spots. Bailey doesn't have the size for a De or the speed for a LB. Awosika. Another project for Stoutland, but how many offensive linemen can they keep in the practice squad. Awosika will be battling Toth, Juriga, Pierschbacher, and Opeta for that $10,000 per week paycheck. Stoll. Underrated coming out and could/should have been drafted. One of the faster tight ends at 4.68. He has a shot at the roster and is a good bet to be on the practice squad. If they keep Ertz he's a real long shot. If not watch for resigning Perkins or Rodgers. Then the big question will be, "do they keep 2 or 3 at TE?". Crider - I just don't think he has a chance. Seumalo, Dickerson, Juriga, Pierschbcher, and Herbig are all potential backup centers and its a crowded competition for the the OL slot on the practice squad. All in all, nice job by Mike Kaye of NJ.com
  5. Throw in Edwards and it's a deal. Another potential team - the Chargers. They have Jared Cook and a rookie draft pick McKitty.
  6. Terrible analysis. Elliott Shorr-Parks once again shows how completely out of touch he is with this team. QB, Grade F. Newman stands no chance of outplaying Flacco for the backup role. They'll keep two QB's and Newman will be on the practice squad. RB, Grade C. Almost a "who cares". If Sanders, Johnson, and Gainwell are 1-2-3 this one makes no difference. The battle in my estimation is Johnson and Scott. Spoiler alert - the Eagles will pick up a big back from someone's practice squad WR, Grade F. Swing and a miss. Add Hightower, Watkins, Grimes, Ward, and Ausbon to this battle. Except for Reagor and Smith no one is safe. It really will be a battle royal. OL Grade B. Ok, first good assessment in the article is Mailata and Dillard. DL, Grade F. Huh, are you kidding me? Barnett is the starter and Sweat is the backup. But another big omission is the DT position - there are 5 guys fighting for 2 spots - Milton Williams, Tuipolotu, Raekwan Williams, Ridgeway, and McGill will be fighting for them. LB, Worst fail of the article, grade F. Singleton was out best linebacker and Taylor played less than 30 plays last year. If Taylor is in the mix then TJ Edwards' smaps are in jeopardy. This writer just doesn't know the Eagles roster. CB , Grade C. Maddox' playing time is in jeopardy, but I don't think McPherson is the guy who will push him this year. S, Grade D. Before the draft I would have agreed, that changed when the Eagles called Stevens a linebacker.
  7. with guys developed before Doug got here and with free agents already developed.
  8. All came before this coaching staff. You're helping to make the original point that the lack of player development has been the problem.
  9. Let's get it straight, I understand I have a viewpoint that is not in the mainstream but here's my take. The problem with prior Eagles drafts hasn't been Howie, it's been the coaching staff. Except for offensive linemen like Mailata and Herbig, name an Eagle who got better under Pederson and his staff. Still waiting. Here are some glaring examples of good players floundering under bad coaching. Wentz - he regressed. Sanders - he regressed, Goedert - he regressed. Maddox - he regressed. Rasul never developed, Sidney never developed, Barnett never got better, and it goes on. JJAW - a consensus good pick until Doug's coaches got hold of him. Fulgham - worse as time went on. Gerry never got better. Even our kicker got worse over time. This actually goes back to the Chip Kelly days and the fact that Doug kept so many of Chip's assistant coaches doomed the young players. They might have been good with vets, but terrible with young guys. So even if we disagree, let's at least acknowledge that a good draft pick can be stifled or even ruined by a lack of good coaching and that lack of good coaching except for Stout has been here for all of Doug's tenure.
  10. Did I miss something - didn't we already trade out of the 6th pick down to 12. This whole post has been overcome by events.
  11. I know, Trader Howie is bound to move around the board, but who can really predict it. Many of our media say he won't make 11 picks, but I disagree completely. WE have so many needs that I believe if he trades it will be "down" and getting more picks. Using the Eagles needs and a composite rating of CBS, Tony Pauline, drafttek, and Walters here is what I've come up with. 1-12 CB Patrick Surtain, Alabama. Replaces the ghost we had playing corner opposite Slay. (upgrade) 2-37 WR Terrance Marshall, LSU. I was worried about his speed until he ran the same as Chase at the pro day. It was 4.38 so figure 4.45 and at 6'3" that's good enough for me. (upgrade over Jeffrey) 3-70 C/G Quinn Meinerz, Wisconsin-Whitewater. Kelce's eventual replacement 3-84 DE Patrick Jones, Pittsburg. Curry's replacement. He and Sweat are the rotational duo, but it'll probably be a couple of years before he matches Vinnie's production. 4-123 Andre Cisco, Syracuse. Mills replacement (upgrade over Mills) 5-156 DT Osa Odizhizuwa, UCLA. Speed on the inside for the passing downs. Probably better than Ridgeway or Raekwon Williams and definitely an upgrade over TY McGill. (Note: Chip Kelly's contribution to the 2021 Eagles) 6-222 WR Anthony Schwartz, Auburn. At 4.30 he adds even more speed on the outside. He's no Desean Jackson but our hopes are Jalen Reagor fills that role. 6-223 CB Rodarius Williams, Oklahoma State. At 6'0" 4.48 he's a H-W-S pick. Can't be worse than Cre'von LeBlanc. The only guy who I feel might be gone at the slot I've picked him at. 7-232 P Drue Crisman, Ohio State. don't want to risk losing him in the bidding for UDFA's. Replaces Cameron Johnson. 7-251 QB Sam Ehlinger, Texas. I was leaning towards KJ Costello, but Ehlinger moves better. Replaces Sudfeld. I might have one more coming when Ourlad's Guide finally gets delivered, but for the time being I would be thrilled if this was the result later this month. Here's what the positions we addressed look like. Corners - Slay, Surtain (1), Williams (6), Maddox, Lavert Hill, and my favorite Elijah Riley (6'1" 4.48 from Army) Wide outs - Reagor, Marshall (2), Watkins, Hightower, Watkins, Schwartz (6) with Ward the odd man out and Fulgham fighting JJAW for the final spot. OL - Johnson, Brooks, Kelce, Seumalo, Dillard, Mailata, Driscoll, Herbig, Meinerz (3), and Pierschbacher DE - BG, Barnett, Sweat, Jones(3), Ostman S - McLeod, Adams (FA), Cisco (4), Wallace DT - Cox, Hargrave, Odizhizuwa (5), Ridgeway, Williams P - Crisman (7) QB - Hurts, Flacco, Ehlinger (7)
  12. I'm not real high on it, but thanks for the read.
  13. Thanks Slade - good read. I like the thinking and it would be a haul that combined with the 2022 draft would set us up well for the future. You are absolutely right about the number of holes. I could argue with the specific players, but not the concept.
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