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  1. All the Gannon haters especially the big mouth on the morning radio should pay attention to this. Unlike Schwartz' defense Gannon's didn't get gashed over the top constantly. With only one premier player (Slay) he managed to keep the Eagles in the top half of the league in most defensive statistics He proved he's flexible and can work with players during the Fletcher Cox episode Hopefully this coming draft is a defense first affair and Gannon can show what he can do with better personnel
  2. Terrible - Wilson is a shot player. And who are the young athletic receivers the Eagles have besides Smith Watson, whether he settles the accusations or not he's a scum bag Cousins - $45M cap hit and we have $13M. All numbers team - no big wins and no playoffs Garoppolo - can't stay healthy. Re-read the 2nd paragraph by this nitwit writer - it there a grain of truth or sense in it. I'm surprised the idiot who wrote this didn't include Rodgers.
  3. Nice - I'd be happy with this. Here's some food for thought - YOUR DRAFT with all our needs I don't think 2 linebackers are in the cards. I believe it's Cine not Cline If Gardner, McDuffie, Stingley, and Elam are gone McCreary is the pick, but I think one of them will be available Pickens is a new name for this forum. Are you happy with his 4.53 speed? I only think we need an OT if we trade Dillard I agree we need another RB bigger than Scott and Gainwell given Sanders' injury history. Don't want to 2nd guess but I think this is a bit high for White Love the Armour-Davis pick EAGLES DRAFT I'd be very upset drafting an OT in the 1st round. We have the 2nd team all-pro in Johnson and Mailata so he'd be a 1st round backup The guard would also be a disappointment. With Dickerson, Seumalo, Driscoll, Clark, Herbig and Opeta there just isn't a need Except for Jobe, I'd pull my hair our from pick 121 down. Thanks, interesting read.
  4. You got me pal - I misspoke and my mind got ahead of my fingers. Meant to say you're right, we need a TE Can't wait to see your next chapter.
  5. Love the draft, but why do we need a tackle. Are you trading Dillard for one of those extra picks?
  6. Slade - Great read, thanks. Lots of though and lots of thought provoking. I don't think the free agency moves can happen. The Eagles have $13 M in cap space and would save $13 M with a post June 1 parting from Brooks. I think they have a carry over of $13 M that's $39 M. Moving Dillard results in about $4 M in dead money and your numbers show $7 M per year for Kelce. That leaves $28M. As crazy legs points out we need to spend big on our draft picks - he estimates $14M so let's be more optimistic and say $10 M - that leaves $18 M. I don't think we can get the guys you want for that. I'm hot and cold on your draft. Ojabo - great pick. I like the trade - good one Don't think we need a guard especially that high. Dickerson, Driscol, Herbig, Clark, Opeta, Anderson, and Awisoka are all still here even after you move Seumalo. In your scenario I'd take the next highest rated corner with measurables of 6'0" or more and 4.5 or less. Walker, check Brisker, check Jets trade, check Smith, I'm with you Jones, ok, but Walker is a Williams clone to me and can play inside - I'd rather another DE here Coby Bryant - I don't like any corner with 4.55 speed, Take a look at Tariq Woolen for a H-W-S prospect Walker, check - is someone a Penn State fan? Robinson - check Phillips - not my cup of tea, we have enough small receivers Wylie - with Tyree Jackson's injury we need a linebacker Castro-Fields - love the potential and there's that PSU love again Gray - ok, but what about another safety Thanks again Slade, love your posts and your thoughtfulness.
  7. I hear you, but we disagree on the quality and depth of this draft. My opinion is that the quality isn't there and there are only 7 or 8 "studs" in this draft but there is depth and from 9 to 60 there isn't much differentiation.
  8. UK - I don't see any alternative to starting BG and Sweat. We're not going to get Thibadeaux, Hutchinson, or Karlatsis. Johnson is next on the list butI don't think he'd be a better starter than BG or Sweat. With our available cap space I don't think a starting DE is in the cards either. With respect to safety it's cap space and resources. What alternatives are there? We just don't have the $'s to sign 2 free agent safeties. My scenario has us signing one and drafting two. The starters could be the free agent we sign along with one of the draft picks and maybe you're right Daxton Hall could sine in camp and beat Epps out for the starters role. My real focus is the post was building a stronger roster than the one we have. Hopefully you think I got that done. Thanks for your thoughts.
  9. If Howie looks at the teams needs and the resources at hand I don't see that he has any alternative to adding picks through trades. Trading Dillard is a wash since we'll need a OT to replace him unless you trust La'Raven or Driscoll to be our backup tackle. There are only 2 draft day trades in the scenario which I don't think is out of the question. Thanks for the feedback.
  10. First let's look at the Eagles needs: Cornerback - Nelson is a free agent so we need a starter. After McPhereson and Scott it's a bunch of never were's, won't be's and aren'ts on the bench. Call it a starter and a backup Defensive end - If Barnett is back it'll be a surprise and Kerrigan is leaving. Sweat and BG can start so call it 2 rotational players who will get playing time. Safety - both McLeod and Harris are free agents. I think they let both move on and sign a free agent. Epps has proven himself so we'll need a starter Defensive tackle - Hargrave is solid, Fletch is moving towards being a rotational player, Williams looks promising. the group of Ridgeway (FA), Wilson, and Williams is uninspiring so we'll need one Linebacker - OK, Edwards looked pretty good, we have hopes for Taylor, and Singleton plays his heart out. We still need to establish an NFL quality backer room. Need 2. Center - whether Jason comes back or not we need to prepare. Draft a quality center now while we have picks. Offensive tackle - I expect Dillard to be traded, if he is we need one Running back - Howard is a free agent and Sanders has a horrible injury history. Gainwell is a nice change of pace, but we'll need a sanders replacement on the roster Wide receiver - JJAW is history. I don't think we have the money or picks to replace Reagor also, but at least 1 wide out is a must and 2 are needed Tight end - this wouldn't have been on the list until Tyree Jackson tore up his knee. Now it is. Quarterback - let's keep Hurts and Minshew but we'll still need a developmental quarterback even if Sennett stays. To recap - 2 CB, 2 DE, 1 DT, 2 S, 2 LB, 1 C, 1 OT, 1 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 QB = A NEED OF 16 PLAYERS TO REPLACE FREE AGENT LOSSES, A POTENTIAL RETIREMENT AND ROSTER UPGRADE The cap and free agency - The Eagles only have $13 million of cap money according to over the cap. If Brandon Brooks is let go or retires post June 1 that adds another $13 million for a total of $26 million. Let's figure on it taking about $7M to bring Jason Kelce back and another $4M for Jordan Howard. That leaves the Eagles with $15M less their in-season needs for 2022. Bottom line they have about $12M to spend. The Saints are projected to be $60M+ over the 2022 cap so signing their own free agents just doesn't seem to be in the cards. They have two position players from a highly rated defense in Eagles of positions of need that should be targets. 27 year old linebacker Kwon alexander made $1.25M this year. Sign him for $5M. Safety Marcus Williams is 25 and made $10M this year. Howie needs to get creative and sign him to a monster long term deal. If Williams isn't in the cards I'd sign Houston S Justin Reed who will be very affordable or even re-sign Rodney McLeod. The upshot of the free agent season is the Eagles sign a safety and a linebacker reducing their needs to 14 players (13 if we don't trade Dillard). The draft - We need 14 players after free agency but have 10 picks. It's completely unlikely we make enough trades to get to 14 but 13 is in the cards. Trade Dillard for a 3rd. Trade our first #1 for a 1 and a 2 Trade our third #1 for a 2 and a 3 We now have two 1's (pick 17 and a pick from 27 to 32), three 2's, three 3's, a 4, three 5's and a 6 = 13 picks. I'm not sure ow much the potential trades on profootballnetwork draft simulator are realistic but all of the above show up as doable. 1 - CB Ahmed Gardner. He's our starter going into the season. 6'2" 4.49 (Nelson) 1 - DE Jermaine Johnson, Florida State. 6'4" 255 (Barnett) 2 - S Daxton Hill, Michigan State. 6'0" 192 4.5 (Harris) 2 - C Alec Lindstrom, Boston College. 6'4" 290 5.28 (Eventual Kelce) 2 - DT Trevon Walker, Georgia. 6'5" 290 4.6. Like Milton Williams, he can play inside or out. (Ridgeway) 3 - RB Zach Charbonnet, UCLA . 6'0" 220 4.50 (Scott whose roll is actually picked up by Gainwell) 3- DE Jeffrey Gunter, Coastal Carolina. 6'4" 260 4.85 (Kerrigan) 3- WR Alec Pierce, Cincinnati. 6'3" 208 4.5 (JJAW) 4 - CB Tariq Woolen, Texas-San Antonio 6'3" 205 4.48. A height weight speed pick (Take your pick Chachere, Kays, Gowan) 5- OT Obina Eze, TCU 6'7" 325 (Dillard) 5- WR Charleston Rambo Miami (FL) 6'1" 182 4.45 (Hightower) 5- S Bubba Bolden, Miami (FL) 6'3" 200 4.53 (Wallace or Practice squad) 6- QB Brock Purdy, Iowa State (Sennett or practice squad)
  11. Let's take a look at that thought outlaw. Ojabo replaces Barnett who is a free agent Dean gives us a real NFL starter quality linebacker Pickett is a pick if the front office decides Hurts isn't the guy Walker fills out the DT rotation nicely Battle is a necessity since both Harris and McLeod are free agents Munford is one I question since we have Dickerson, Driscoll, Seumalo, Herbig, Clark, and maybe Brooks, but at this point in the draft I'd take Justyn Ross to replace JJAW Wright. While we need a corner I think we need one earlier. Nelson is a free agent and we are likely to need a starter. In any event a corner makes sense. Not sure about another DT, but I'd love to see a center even if Kelce comes back for another year. Actually I'd hope we don't need a QB and we take the center in the 1st. Clemons makes sense since Kerrigan won't be back. Castro-Fields also makes sense since we actually have no one of note behind Slay, Nelson, Maddox, and McPhereson Rambo would also fit, do you really think Ward makes it another year Robinson, Although he would be here this late in the draft he makes a lot of sense uf we are going to continue to be a run heavy team and the number of injuries running backs get. He'd replace either Scott or Howard. More likely scenario - Charbonnet in an earlier round. Smith is a luxury pick and would compete with Tarron Jackson for a spot on the roster. Most likely he's end up on the practice squad. Bolden. Another safety makes sense. We might not re-sign either of our free agent safties so we'd need one to fill out the roster. If we do re-sign one of them he'd compete with K'von Wallace for a spot on the roster. Note that this mock predicts Howie will make 8 trades during the draft. I think the number is closer to 5 and I'd live to see trades down so we get 9 or 10 second day picks. Here's how I see the numbers in terms of needs and it's 13 so if you eliminate that 3rd DE above the number is pretty close - 2 DE to replace Barnett and Kerrigen 2 CB - 1 to replace Nelson and 1 to fill out the roster 1 safety - I;m assuming we re-sing either Harris or McLeod or sign a free agent like Walker from the Saints. 1 DT to fill out the rotation and prepare for a Cox-less future in 2023 1 LB to give us a legitimate NFL starter working next to Taylor and Edwards 1 C to eventually replace Kelce 1 OT to replace Dillard who we'll probably trade for a 3 or a 4 2 WR - 1 to replace JJAW and one to create roster competition of Reagor and Ward 1 RB because Sanders can't stay healthy and we need someone who can carry the load when he's not 1 QB even if we keep Hurts. A developmental guy as the 3rd string should be standard practice
  12. Nice read, thanks. Except for the Barnett signing I'd be happy with this. I know you expect a couple of BUT's so here they are - I like it BUT I don't think your free agency spending is in the cards. There just aren't that many dollars to spend. I like it BUT, we got LUCKY with a 6th round center 10 years ago, odds are it'll never happen again. I'd forego the linebacker until day 3 and take the center in day 2 That being said - thanks again.
  13. We will need a corner - Nelson is a free agent and it's unlikely we'll be able to afford his price tag.
  14. Dean or Lloyd would both be ok with me - but I'd rather a center to a linebacker even if Kelce stays another year. Gardner, Booth, Elam all ok also. No WR in the 1st - we will need 2 defensive ends with both Barnett and Kerrigan being free agents.
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