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  1. If I were Nick Siriani I would stress this. Stay in the pocket longer, trust your line, and be more successful.
  2. Check out the Eagles roster - Ithey may be waiting on Jurgens because they have 89 already.= and beither Tartt nor Jurgens are signed. Don't think they can put Tyree Jackson on PUP yet. Surprised none of our crack Philadelphia media have mentioned this in print, in podcasts, or on the radio.
  3. I don't disagree. So now it's down to Shawn Bradley, Patrick Johnson, or Jacoby Stevens - what do you think?
  4. 2022 NFL front office rankings General managers get all the glory when things go right and all the blame when things go wrong. In reality, while the GM is the face of many teams, entire front offices contribute to a club’s outcomes. Plus, head coaches have outsized roster sway in some organizations, while owners exercise heightened authority in others. As such, we’re ranking NFL front offices and power structures, not necessarily individual general managers. 1) Buffalo Bills General manager: Brandon Beane Alongside head coach Sean McDermott, Beane spent the past five seasons turning the Bills into the preeminent franchise in the NFL. Although they’ve yet to capture a Super Bowl trophy, Buffalo’s decision-makers are the most astute in the league. Beane took two years to get the Bills’ salary cap in order before attacking free agency and the draft with targeted, positional-value-centric strikes. He acquired Stefon Diggs at a discounted rate, and even Diggs’ new extension is cheap compared to the rest of the now-exploded WR market. Beane will have the next decade to add complementary pieces around Josh Allen. Buffalo is the model for every NFL front office. 2) Baltimore Ravens General manager: Eric DeCosta Baltimore’s 2019 transition from legendary GM Ozzie Newsome to longtime assistant DeCosta has been as seamless as the club’s move from Joe Flacco to Lamar Jackson under center. The Ravens are seemingly never pressured into any one course of action — they let value come to them. DeCosta’s 2020 heist of Calais Campbell from the Jaguars was a masterstroke, and Baltimore remains among the league’s best at gaming the compensatory pick system. Additionally, the Ravens’ analytically-inclined approach should give them an edge on the field and in transactions for years to come. 3) Philadelphia Eagles General manager: Howie Roseman Sticking it out in Philadelphia (with various titles and responsibilities) through the Andy Reid, Chip Kelly, Doug Pederson, and now Nick Sirianni eras, Roseman is the NFL’s most creative general manager from a salary cap perspective. The optionality he creates through various financial levers gives the Eagles maximum roster flexibility. Roseman is clearly conscious of positional value. He drafted Jalen Hurts in the second round, with Carson Wentz still on Philadelphia’s roster. And you’ll hardly ever see him invest significant cap space or draft capital in non-critical positions like linebacker, safety, or running back. This offseason, Roseman managed to acquire 24-year-old A.J. Brown at a cheaper cost than rival teams paid for older receivers like Davante Adams and Tyreek Hill. 4) Los Angeles Rams General manager: Les Snead The Rams are the reigning Super Bowl champions, but their ranking at No. 4 is more about process than results. And LA’s process is certainly unique among an NFL front office cohort that can fall victim to groupthink. Snead and head coach Sean McVay are dedicated to a "stars and scrubs” approach — except their "scrubs” are actually competent role players asked to handle specific (and manageable) tasks. As long as the Rams continue to hit on mid- and late-round d
  5. Remember, we didn't beat a winning team last year - Detroit - expected to be much improved and its away Minnesota, omproved with a new coach. Probably winning team Washington - revenge game for #11 in his new home city Jacksonville - best QB in the 2021 draft and nnow a competent coach Arizona - was always going to be hard. Likely winning team Dallas - Dallas week is always Dallas week. Likely winning team Pittsburgh - always tough and even Trubitsky can match Big Ben's 2021 numbers, Likely winning team Houston - maybe we actually do get a breather Wasington Indianapolis - the Colts are a contender. Winning team Green Bay - 'nuff said. Playoff team Tennessee - no easy day, Playoff team Giants - should be improved, but probably not a hard day Chicago - probably playing out the string by now Dallas - away at the 'Boys with playoff berths on the line for both teams. Likely winning team New Orleans - vastly improved over last year and fighting tfor the division title. Likely winning team Giants - the pressure is on us 9 opponents who are likely winning teams. Sorry, I posted this in the wrong forum. It belings in tate.
  6. From being labeled a draft bust to being one of the most adored by the fans. What a career.
  7. if it works out it'll be another coup for Howie. He was a waiver wire pickup in 2019
  8. Rob331

    One Less Hole

    Add the fact that the 49'ers made the NFC championship game with him starting. He certainly can't be a big drag on a defense.
  9. How silly can you get. two years - one partial season and one as a starter. Another way to say steady improvemtn is saying there is a positive trend. No matter the words we need to see more improvement over a longer time period than we have so far.
  10. I don't get the negativity. He played well when on the field last year. Training camp will tell the tale. Even if he doesn't start he can (and will) be good depth. As far as making the team goes it sure looks like he'll make it. Let's take a look at the roster as it is today: TJ Edwards = sure thing Kyzir White = sure thing Nakobe Dean = sure thing Davion Taylor = somewhere in the middle Shawn Bradley, Patrick Johnson, Kyron Johnson, Jacoby Stevens = fightng for 1 or 2 roster spots.
  11. I completely agree. Although it's not likely, Minshew could even be traded before the season. Sure Mayfield and Garopolo are out there, but Minshew is much less expensive and could be a one year bridge.
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