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  1. Promising response. I too have suffered similar concerns going into the off-season. As I pointed out in an earlier post, more than half of the roster replenishment this season was sourced from outside of the 2022 draft. If you undertake a serious dive into past history, you will see that this is the rule - not the exception. At this point, I think it's still safe to say "anything goes".
  2. That being DE and CB are the most critical positions to be addressed in next year's draft, with DT and S being close behind in terms of need. They will require immediate attention in order to avoid a swift decline in strength and depth. The remaining needs can be satisfied with picks on days 2 and 3, along with UDFAs and available vets To summarize, the draft is not a panacea for all our needs. Rather, it is an overall strategy to include cap management, player development, expert scouting and retention of key players.
  3. Kempski's "Captain Obvious" article on 411 is right on target.
  4. Good example of the point I was making.
  5. Not every team is in a position or have the luxury to have a Sonny Jurgensen, Steve Young, Aaron Rodgers, Billy Kilmer, George Blanda, Ron Jaworski, etc. backing-up a Pro-bowl QB for several years...ready to not miss a beat. Minshew would be nice, but his ambition might preclude retaining his services. Joe is entering the twilight of his pro career, but still producing. Ideally, he could be a placeholder for a short period until a promising rookie could come up to speed. I go back a long way and fondly remember King Hill backing-up Norm Snead while 2nd round pick Jack Concannon was on the bench (on a 40-man roster no less). Due to several injuries, Jack was called upon to play his unique style of play. He was a scrambler along the lines of HOF Fran Tarkenton. Two years later, he was swapped to the Bears for HOF TE Mike Ditka.
  6. I would draft a QB either on day 3 or else do like this year UDFA (Carson Strong). Some names to consider: K. J. Jefferson, Ark. Michael Penix, Wash. Jaren Hall, BYU Devin Leary, NC State Malik Cunningham, L'ville Stetson Bennett, UGA Taulia Tagovailoa, MD. Tanner Mordecai, SMU With a reliable veteran back-up "in-house" several might possess the ideal qualities to develop into a future back-up and/or bargaining chip down the road...aka Koy Detmer, AJ Feeley, Nick Foles and Jeff Garcia. At least I think the above-mentioned prospects represent better qualifications and potential as a #3 than Ian Book does.
  7. When evaluating the needs at quarterback, both short and long term, a lot will hinge on Minshew (FA). Will he stay or will he seek better opportunities elsewhere? Personally, I'd like to see us pick up Joe Flacco for a year or two. Look at him; 551 passing yards, 6 TDs, 1 sack, 108 QBR and 8 years younger than Tom Brady. We need a quality backup next year. There are numerous prospects that can be drafted or signed post draft that present good long term promise.
  8. YES! Much too early. However, not too early to throw out some initial thoughts. First of all, the Eagles must navigate through free agency, as they must every offseason. Management must entertain the business side of an NFL franchise (i.e., past performance, future projections, health, organizational fit, fan appeal, positional importance, upcoming season prospects, cap limits, agent demands, and depth charts, etc.). For example, there currently are 12 new players on the roster that were NOT drafted as opposed to 5 that were. Additionally, we have around 5 more new faces on the practice squad. BTW, this goes on every offseason. Trust me, this will continue to change throughout the remainder of the season (out of necessity). It is only my personal hope that management will give preference, within reasonable limits, to our own free agents. It is a painful reality that some of our favorite heroes will receive their "walking papers" this offseason (ex: Reggie/Dawkins, etc.). In any event, it is overly simplistic to entertain the hope that all of next year's needs can be fixed with 7 draft selections. Perhaps, a better way to look at the 2023 draft is what players would we ideally want to acquire and what long-term problems they might address. Time is yours.
  9. Just a $500K signing bonus to ass to nearly $60M of dead money this season. BTW: Not that I'm as fiscally conservative as I once was, but still, I'd like to see more restraint with all the "creative" use of restructured voided contracts leading to all this dead money.
  10. Damn, I wish it was 2025 already...we'll be holding 2 #1, 3 #2 and 2 #3. 🤑
  11. I'd even throw in Reager. We could then give Jason Peters a call so he can retire as an Eagle and earn a possible Super Bowl ring.
  12. Hello Mudder, hello Fodder, I'm no longer at camp Green Monsters.
  13. Congratulations to the Zack and Julie.😊 https://www.yahoo.com/sports/zach-and-julie-ertz-welcome-first-child-madden-matthew-ertz-181945239.html
  14. I seriously thought that Mailata was going to become the new Schultzy (hammer).
  15. Aside from the headline, a thorough, objective and informative review of Friday's outing. Tom, I immensely enjoyed your college scouting reports that you previously contribute as an amateur. Can you still pursue them in the future?
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