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  1. If Pitts is Waller you automatically pass 28 other teams at the TE position
  2. Pitts isn’t going to last to 10 let alone second round. I mean if we aren’t going to take him we can probably trade out to some contender that needs him and will pay.
  3. At least we can point and laugh when he Justin Jefferson’s all season on another team with I told ya so’s?
  4. Take Pitts or Chase or trade for a kings ransom to a contender that is going to come down and trade for those two.
  5. You do know that’s for trolling purposes, right? Unless it becomes real, who knows after 4 games.
  6. We weren’t getting a SB with Wentz either, he doesn’t even have a playoff win there is no guarantee he is just going to go win playoff games on the Colts. I mean all I heard last year after Mahomes won the super bowl was that was just the first of the next five. There are no guarantees
  7. Agreed Tua did not look explosive in any phase at all but I’ll give him a pass coming off that injury.
  8. If we are going for franchise QB wait till next year and get Rattler, punchable face yea, but Mahomes JR. playmaking skill. Can use the Colts pick plus our first to move to get him. Cause let’s face it we are going to be picking top 10 again next season.
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