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  1. Agreed 100%! To get a consensus top guy like this without getting cute in the 1st round is great. It probably actually is 2012-2013 with Johnson and Cox since the Eagles last selected the top consensus player that was a can't miss prospect. Obviously we had Wentz in 2016 who spectacularly soared in 2017 before eventually crashing and burning for us. In other years we often picked fairly late so it's tougher to get prospects like that.
  2. Especially considering Curry himself was a 2nd round pick for us in 2012. I'm warming up to this pick although I would have preferred a CB at this spot.
  3. Either way, the options look good but yeah, this team loves it's linemen. I don't think they can resist using one of those picks on a DL. Plus there's no guarantee that any of our rookie DL show much their first year. Those late round picks are basically shots in the dark. 2/3 ain't bad though! Or even 1/3 if we're being honest with this front office
  4. Well that would certainly be best case scenario. The Eagles taking a step forward with Hurts and the Dolphins taking one back so they can draft Stingley without having to trade up and bring in more guys to help Jalen Hurts after we surprise everyone with a wild card appearance 😁 With all the picks invested on DL this year, maybe we get a DB heavy draft in 2022? Ok I know, wishful thinking but it would be 20 years since that 2002 draft that got us Lito Sheppard, Sheldon Brown, and Michael Lewis with the 1st three picks, plus a 3rd round steal in Brian Westbrook. Imagine a 1st round that looks like this 😮 Rnd 1 (MIA): Derek Stingley Jr. CB LSU Rnd 1 (IND): Derion Kendrick CB Clemson Rnd 1: Jordan Battle S Alabama
  5. Yeah, I think he's much more likely to return to the Seahawks than to go out of his way to join a rebuilding Eagles team. He's probably not going to entertain any East Coast offers unless it's a Super Bowl contender. There's still other free agent options for that CB2 spot that are more realistic and likely more affordable. Steven Nelson and Gareon Conley were mentioned in another thread and both of those guys would fit the bill.
  6. Haha, I think the only reason 2017 stood out to me (outside of the Super Bowl win of course) was the fact I made it as a runner up that year and it was easily my best year in terms of predicting picks. This year was certainly more challenging than most, but I'm glad that I was at least able to make it to Day 3.
  7. Or I guess we'd have to hope he shows just enough improvement to win another game or two, but not too much improvement that would require a lot of draft capital to move up next year. 😂 This is why we should have addressed CB this year when the value was there haha
  8. Based on the tie-breaking rules in previous years, if you had more early round correct picks you won the tiebreaker if you had the same number of points. Correct me if I'm wrong @OCEaglefan In 2017, when myself and @Kz! had the same number of points, the tie-breaker ultimately went to Kz as he correctly picked Sidney Jones in the 2nd round, whereas I did not have Jones correct, but rather Rasul Douglas in the 3rd round, which he did not, and the rest of our correct picks were in common, yielding the same number of total points (Derek Barnett, Shelton Gibson, Mack Hollins, Donnel Pumphrey). Kz won that year and I was runner up. Using that logic here, yourself and Cochis would both have the tie-breaker advantage over Greenakers getting Round 4 and 5 correct instead of Round 5 and Round 6 correct. However if you go back to Day 2, Cochis had the 2nd round pick correct, Landon Dickerson, whereas you had the 3rd round pick correct, Milton Williams. Therefore, Cochis would have the tiebreaker advantage here, and thus was correctly named the 1st place finisher by OCEaglefan, assuming he's using the same tie-breaking rules from previously. Congrats to all of you that managed to get picks right today in what was an unusual draft for sure, and congrats to @Cochis_Calhoun, the 2021 EMB Master of the Draft.
  9. Maybe Howie is having too much "fun" right now. Hopefully, getting exposed on national TV will lead to smarter decisions on Day 3 (not trading back for minimal return)
  10. Yeah, I don't think Williams is a reach but there were CBs who I would have considered in the same ballpark in terms of overall rank that I felt would have been a better pick for us there (especially given that late 3rd round run of CBs we just saw). There are still some intriguing CB prospects available but the Eagles don't pick until the 15th pick of the 4th round now. Maybe it's time to use some of those late round picks to move back up a bit. We couldn't get Jaycee Horn in the 1st but maybe we can get Israel Kukuamu in the 4th?
  11. 1. Shaun Wade CB Ohio State 2. Tay Gowan CB UCF 3. Trill Williams CB Syracuse 4. Israel Mukuamu CB South Carolina 5. Hamsah Nasirildeen S Florida State 6. Ar'Darius Washington S TCU 7. Jamien Sherwood S Auburn 8. Michael Carter RB North Carolina 9. Charles Snowden LB West Virginia 10. Sam Cooper OG Merrimack 11. Larnel Coleman OT UMass 12. Ian Book QB Notre Dame 13. K.J. Costello QB Mississippi State 14. Jamie Newman QB Wake Forest 15. Zach Davidson TE Central Missouri
  12. They should really make us the GMs of these teams, shouldn't they haha
  13. @OCEaglefan How many picks are we gonna be able to make tomorrow? Trying to submit my picks for Day 3 tonight as soon as this round is over as I will not have time to do so tomorrow before the draft starts again, got an early start at work!
  14. It may have actually been McNeil who ironically is ranked just above Williams on PFF as their No. 2 DT? It's a stronger DB class and DL class so perhaps that's part of the logic going DL over DB? I do like what I see so far and he's not simply a workout warrior, he was fairly productive at LA Tech and was 1st team C-USA so at least the athleticism matches the production. Obviously he came from a smaller school, so there's some risk projecting that into the league, but I very much prefer this over Howie using our 1st on a DL like Kwity Paye. 3rd round is a reasonable spot for a guy like this.
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