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  1. Btw... non football related. Good for Micah Parsons with his tweets about Greiner/ Russia situation. Nice to see an athlete with perspective.
  2. Sure...just saying where the timing is odd. It's a great time to keep losing if they want draft position.
  3. Dude.. you see that and you focus on Amazon. The biggest take for me.. 11 more years of Thursday night football??? Awful.
  4. Let's hope he lights it up next game vs the Saints... kinda smells like " tanking" with the move being done exactly now vs the Saints? Not saying anything about the kid, I have no clue...just comment on the timing.
  5. It pretty simple isn't it. It’s one point. Has nothing to do with anything else. Very stubborn or ignorant not getting the point. Not sure which one is the problem.
  6. Loaded without being able to sign free agents for a decade. Imagine the frustration of a Dallas fan ...thinking if we could just sign one so we could have a better roster?
  7. That's great....again my point... none of the reasons for Dallas being a good roster were due to their being able to spend money on free agents. They drafted well. Imagine if they could sign a free agents that's the point.
  8. Repeatedly you don't answer. Every sees it here on the board permanently.
  9. Nobody knows your " list" because you don't have any. Because nobody was worth passing up the Saints trade. If so, your next post would have names.. instead " its another way to call a cat a kitten " is your approach.
  10. Sanders is better than Gainwell Sanders is better than Gainwell Sanders is better than Gainwell. I'm paying exactly Zero RBs $7 million I like committee approach with 3 decent guys that are cheap. Have some versatility among them. Anything else that's needed to make my position clear on RB?
  11. Don't pay Sanders...don't draft RB with first pick... could care less how we replace him. It's committee approach. Not investing top ten money in RB...which 7 million is top 10 money. Here is my list of RBs that I would pay $7 million to..... The end.
  12. Ok, just can't write a name now....too hard to do it? The narcissist part is coming out. Most people would just write a couple names down....but you have to go the whole 9 yards don't you... you need to be right about everything.
  13. My point ( since you continue to be ignorant) it's been a F@@%ING DECADE that Dallas don't sign free agents... A F@@#ing DECADE. YOU FOLLOW YET??? Have Wentz and Dak been around for a decade????? Those are examples for sure, but not the sole reason for anything. Cap management, it's not close. You are talking about a team that has not advance further than us since 2016. Maybe if they could manage the cap and write contracts like most teams are doing, they could have signed a few free agents and advanced further? Don't you put more importance on playoffs than regular season??? You sure don't act like it when it comes to comparing us and Dallas. But I guess you aren't a prisoner of certain ideas. With GB you want the 4th seed and health, but with me Dallas is the organization the Eagles should be jealous of the last few years??? Whatever fits the agenda I guess?
  14. Been fun being an Eagles fan. The hard is what makes it great! For me Buddy era was the best... not because he was a great coach...but because the competition in the NFC East was elite...best division play of all time IMO...between Washington 82 and Dallas 95.... 8 SB wins in the division. Throw in the 85 Bears and those 49er teams...that was great ball. No offense to Andy....much like his AFC West opposition... nobody is going to remember those NFC east squads from 2001-04. Much more fun when the competition is elite.
  15. My point for the 100th time.. they don't sign free agents. Specifically when you attack the Eagles cap management and ignore the player selections. Cap management puts you in a position to spend. We have been in that position, barring last year. Dallas has not been able to spend. It's really nothing more than that one aspect... my point. I'm not comparing drafts..coaching ..who has the better cheerleaders.. nothing else...EXCEPT CAP MANAGEMENT. For all your Cowboys success, they have not achieved anything because they were good at writing contracts. That part ,the Eagles have clearly done better. It's not even debatable being Dallas can't sign anyone for years and had to release guys due to money this year.
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