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  1. Correct... more importantly as Stine brought up with the context of the timing. Rank those contracts in the current year given... wait a year not only do their rankings go up, but the scale increases to the following year. Double whammy! Then you need to guarantee more things... triple whammy. Plus you can't use last year of rookie deal for signing bonus... quadruple whammy. The Eagles have signed a bunch of guys who were basically a waste... from DeMarco Murray, Maxwell, Jernigan, Jackson and Jackson, Alshon, Wentz... Dallas overpaid a little for Zeke and Dak, but still getting good usage out of both... yet Eagles in much better cap shape and have been for years...with one exception 2021 where both teams couldn't do anything. Pay your QB early,take the chance, if he fails move on. It won't kill you. Get him early before he becomes a free agent and gets a Watson deal. Use the leverage while you have it. Use the time that's on your side by locking in today's $$.
  2. Yes take in context.... Zeke's combined cap hits for 2020 to 2022 are less than 36 mil... Dak had over a 31 million cap hit just being tagged in 2020. 37 mil for 2021-22. It's a rolling cap, you can't just look at dead money or cost of getting out one year... how much cap space was used already is a huge factor because it effects the carry forward #. If you wait to year 4 to cut him... he has over 101 mil cap hit for 2023-24. Those #s cripple your cap for years. Zeke doesn't hurt you much each year at all... cutting him for 30 mil cap hit would be a one and done. One and done moves are inconvenient, but don't kill your cap for years. You can't wait to sign a QB. Gotta get him done early.
  3. Ok.... so what's the issue? Everyone in life wants a raise.
  4. Not even a little bit compared to a QB. That's 15 mil per year, you cut him and one year of dead money with the remaining signing bonus... peanuts compared to a QB. Dak has a $49 mil cap hit next year... $15 mil not even a 1/3 of that.
  5. And more big QB contracts are coming up.... so waiting absolutely will be a stupid move if they truly believe in Hurts.
  6. So all offseason you were saying Hurts is cheap for 2 more years....everyone else saying how he is going to have to get paid if he proves to be a starter... yet all of a sudden you keep bringing up all these things that are supporting everyone else in how Hurts will cost big $$. It's a big contradiction to your whole offseason. Seems like you are getting that QBs are expensive now.
  7. How many of these guys do you expect to play for the money that is showing?
  8. It will have an effect on the market... I don't expect Hurts to be the highest paid player in the league...when the Eagles have leverage of letting him play for less than 2 mil if he becomes a pain in the @ss. So I don't expect the idiot contract given out by Cleveland to effect anything as far as Hurts. But it would be awesome if Hurts plays at the level to where he could be considered to get paid that much.... you can be sure that the offense will light it up and we would win more than 11 games and just a possible home playoff win.
  9. 2024 would be year 4 of their rookie deals... you would assume that they get " extended" to where the cap hit is still low in 2024... similar to the contracts the Eagles have done before ..what you will see is the prorated amount of the signing bonus added to 2024. Nothing big via cap hits
  10. PFF is not a cap website, it's like asking your plumber about your taxes.
  11. 42.5 mil is what the current cap space is supposed to be for the Eagles in 2024. Which we know will go up with leftover cap space, releasing older players etc. But will go down as we sign new contracts. Not sure who is up for a new deal in 2024? Hurts, Watkins, Driscoll... don't think many others that are on rookie deals will be resigned. Still in very very good shape. Especially considering all the money that is already kicked down the road, other teams will have to do that going forward. It seems we are done in that department for a couple years until AJ Brown.
  12. FYI....overthecap.com.. a website that ONLY does cap stuff. Cap space per season as ranked at the moment with ALL money that is being pushed forward taken into the equation... Eagles rank 15th in 2022... 18th in 2023.. and 28th in 2024. What it doesn't factor at the moment... and cap space that rolls forward. It also factors in that we pay out all the salaries in full. Which we know won't happen.
  13. Does it? Because you see Hurts similar to Watson...and the Eagles front office similar to Cleveland? You honestly see that as an issue here? It's like you talking about cap.. absolutely clueless.
  14. Except it isn't a cap site. So it's like having me rank classical music... doesn't really mean much.
  15. But what is the RB going to hurt you? A few million. The QB can cripple you. For years.
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