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  1. The Bills sure screwed up making that deal lol
  2. How good they utilized that 4th is one word…football. That's the chance you take on any player. Don't we all know he was only added as a rotational piece? After losing Barnett had to do something so the DL could get breathers.
  3. CGJ isn't on the inactive list. Anyone know if he's playing? I don't have time to research right now.
  4. What a model player. He worked hard and deserves it!
  5. OH…looks like you're an Ace holder.
  6. Davis practiced in Full today. Looking like a good chance he plays Sunday. Will be short on the edge though; Quinn is out. https://www.philadelphiaeagles.com/news/titans-vs-eagles-injury-report-week-13-2022
  7. I doubt he's activated till next week.
  8. Davis' 21 day practice window has been opened.
  9. LOL How many No Doze did you take to stay awake and watch that?
  10. I loved it! Just the display I wanted to see vs the 25th Run D. Ham will say that because of GB's Run D is why the OL is overrated lol. Had nothing to do with all of the GB missed tackles also factored in.
  11. For GB's defense…would've been ugly I think had Goedert been a go.
  12. I saw a nice throw (3rd 1/4, 11 mins and change) by Hurts (while he was rolling left) to Watkins in the left corner of the EZ. Watkins just missed it.
  13. You're definitely right here. I have a feeling the new DT's will jell a little better and it will in turn help the front 7. However, yes tackling needs to improve! It doesn't help this week, but Davis is scheduled for return next week right?
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