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  1. Good buddy, you've got to be prepared when dealing with these group thinkers, they'll come at you with the same BS over and over again, JellyBean Joe knows the deal, don't let him BS you. The boat over the horizon deserves a bigtime backhand, it's simply the way our eyes work, click on this link and let Stinky Cash explain perspective. Actually you can see for yourself, find the straightest long flat road you can find, using your naked eye or a pair of binoculars wait for a car, truck, or rig approach you, what you'll see is the top of the vehicle first, followed by the windshield, hood, bumper and finally the wheels, as the car passes you turn around and watch it, you'll see the wheels disappear first followed by the bumper, trunk, windshield, top of the vehicle, then poof, the vehicle is out of your line of sight.
  2. Well why don't they zoom in and show someone driving their car upside down, you do realize that would no doubt have to be the case don't you? No worries, gravity will hold all 4 wheels to the road.....am I right??
  3. The Eagles needed a corner that can handle the opponents #1 receiver with no help, the would make Slay their #2 corner, there were corners in round 2 that could have filled that void. A corner with 4.5 speed will not be covering the #1 receiver with no help......BAD PICK!! The Eagles don't have a clue concerning the team's needs, forget about choosing players that can fill those needs. They didn't draft the RB they needed, they already had a RB with the skillset of what they drafted, nor did they draft the CB they needed, they already have many useless CBs on the team now.
  4. This is more of the brainwashing, when you hear Flat Earth that cartoon of water flowing over the edge and the like is what pops into your minuscule brain. Have you ever thought about why the Antarctic Treaty was put into effect? Sorry, my bad, you don't think. Well I've thought about it and the only thing I can come up with is there's a truth there they they don't want us to know about. So stop it with the edge conversation because no one knows what the story is with Antarctica other than it's not a continent at the bottom of a spinning globe.
  5. @Seventy_Yard_FG What forces involved? You gonna make some up?? We already have enough made up forces as it is, we don't need anymore. Problem is, you know that photograph is ridiculous but unfortunately for you globers that would absolutely have to be the case if we lived on a sphere. The nasholes could easily prove that we're on a globe by turning the hubble telescope or shuttle around and zooming in on ships, buildings, mountains, airplanes and whatever else you can thing of being upside down. They can't/won't do that for several reasons, one of which is because there is no hubble telescope in outerspace and another is because we don't live on a spinning sphere. I hate to be the one to tell you toasty, but you're the ignorant one.
  6. While I'm not surprised you don't understand the ramifications, just know It's not a matter of believing the Earth is flat, it's a matter of knowing the Earth is flat, once you understand that you'll become awakened and you'll be begin questioning everything the "authorities" present to you, you know, like COVID-19.
  7. You know what's pathetic, you brain dead FE jokers don't even realize that you've been brainwashed to laugh and make fun of where you live. So tell me, how does it feel to be a brainwshed dumbarse that can't figure out something that a non-brainwashed child could?
  8. As far as I know zero, but if I met you at the edge you'd be one falling jackarse.
  9. Here's a little something to help you put thing in perspective
  10. Chances are they'll be available via Reddit, that's how I watch most Eagles games and it doesn't cost you one thin dime.
  11. Not that I'm taking anything away from Brady but more credit should to go to Belichick. It's not like the Pats were an offensive juggernaut during Brady's tenure there, overall they had much better defenses than offenses. The thing about Belichick's offenses were the players he put on the field, he knows what's hard to stop and leads to wins. As for Brady in TB, once again, their defense had as much to do with that SB title as did Brady.
  12. Outside of bonus considerations it's absurd to have the GM determine the game day roster.
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