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  1. I like what we've done but I'm still skeptical on the defensive side. Safety is a huge question mark but we also didn't really address the DL either. Right now we're relying on a injured, returning Graham and hopefully Cox coming back to form. Barnett being a positive asset would be surprising. We have to hope that Hargrave returns to his beginning of season form as well as relying on JD contributing at a high level as a rookie. There's just a lot of variables currently. I really like our LB corps now and we have a great 1/2 at CB but if our DL can't get there, they're not going to look as good as they could.
  2. It sucks. I love hockey but I've found myself just casually following them for the past few years as they've been a dumpster fire. At least when the Eagles suck it's only one game a week where it's not a lot of time commitment.
  3. I still can't believe they decided not to use a squib kick.
  4. I had the same thing. I mowed/weedwhacked them, sprayed them so it went to the roots and killed everything. Unfortunately now a bunch of weeds grows where they were so I need to till everything up and probably just fill it in with rocks.
  5. But if you tell them they look good, they say you're lying to make them feel better.
  6. If a pharmacologist is found dead in a river somewhere we know where to look
  7. Were people really expecting to sign Mathieu after the AJ Brown trade? Seemed like a pipe dream especially since we need to keep the cap somewhat flexible next year.
  8. There was a limited amount of teams that defensive schemes that he'd fit really well into which is probably part of it. The only likely destinations I saw for him was the Eagles, Chargers, Ravens or Bucs. The Bucs didn't pick until after he was likely gone so he probably wasn't on their radar unless if he fell and they really liked Logan Hall anyway.
  9. He was already slipping with most putting Quay Walker ahead of him and potentially Lloyd being the only LB to go round 1. I was expecting him to go round 2 but not make it to our pick, let alone our 3rd.
  10. It had to be a multitude of factors. Quality of OL and path to starter would be the biggest ones, I think. We have a top OL and everyone knows this is Hurts make it or break it season. He'll have time to recoup his knee without much pressure but potentially has the opportunity to start later in the season or 2023. Going to a team with a crappy OL or a concrete starter doesn't help him very much. If there were 12 teams going for him the money probably wasn't far off. If he came here solely for money then I don't think he'll get very far.
  11. I'm assuming it would've been 101 to move up but that pick was already in limbo with the AJ Brown deal. 83 seems too high.
  12. Hopefully this means our day ends at 198
  13. Eagles pick instantly followed by a commercial lol
  14. Into the 6th round now. This is brutal.
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