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  1. Yeah I suspect so. They needed to get De Jong done so they knew what budget they had left to then go after other priorities.
  2. If I were a betting man (oh wait I am from time to time) I'd say the Eagles work out a deal with BG. I think he'll end his career in Philly. We all know Howie is sentimental even if he says he doesn't want to be.
  3. Ok I guess I get that. But like Hurts should have more time than most QBs due to his OL right? So he should have an opportunity to stand back more and go through his reads.
  4. Hurts is clearly the big one here. I mean for me at this point Reagor nor JJAW have anything to prove. They are busts with no real future on this team.
  5. His story is incredible. From Aussie rugby player to being drafted in to the NFL. He'd never played football before and yet here he is with a big contract (though definitely a bargain) and he's got the potential to be a stud and who knows perhaps a future HoFer.
  6. Sorry what's the catch? So I'm going to get paid more AND I'm going to get the chance to coach a sports team?
  7. Is he actually considered to be a potential future college star? Does his ability back up the hype due to his name?
  8. At this point we can't say. Some teams who we think will be good won't be. Other teams who we think will be bad will be better than we expect. Right now our schedule looks fine. There's a couple of tricky runs on the schedule but we have a great chance to have a really good record. If we can get off to a good start and then take that momentum then there's definitely 12-13 wins on there.
  9. I wouldn't disagree with you there. But I think if we can keep it together early on and grind out wins that may be the way to go. The best teams don't peak early and our schedule gets harder the back end.
  10. I like Epps, I thought in more limited game time last year he played well. I'm just not so sure he's a starting safety. I think he's an impact player but I think he's a good #3. But I guess he's earned the right now to get a chance to start. And I guess he could be a #3 still with Tartt and Harris on the roster.
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