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  1. I do think he'd benefit from going elsewhere and seeing what kind of impact he can have. He's been here a long long time now and I do think a different organisation, a different scheme etc may help him take that next step.
  2. I think it would be a toss up between Smith and Pitts. Farley is a really intriguing prospect too. But yeah trade down and Pitts is in the mix.
  3. You know what... You better believe I love it. It'll be perhaps unpopular because taking a TE in the first is absolutely not a priority but hell to that. This offense needs a huge boost and Pitts may give us that. And then it's very defense focused and I like that too.
  4. I think he'll get another opportunity. I don't think the Eagles did him any favours by firing him later in the process. I think a lot of teams already had their guys identified. A year away may do him some good. Distance himself from that awful year and teams may then think "oh yeah that's the guy who won the SB with his back up QB".
  5. Agreed. Let him get in there and get amongst plays. Let him get across to help others out. I think that would really put him in a position to succeed.
  6. Absolutely. I did the same, then the last couple of days we saw the news and it put me in a really bad place again. So I'm checking out of the news.
  7. Eric B is the OC on an offense that tends to lead the league...
  8. I agree with you but if Wentz continues to play the way he did last year then year one is not going to be pretty. Couple that with an even worse roster and I just can't see his first year being anything other than a bottom 5 team.
  9. I don't see it bud. I don't see that we will go back to how things were for several years. We don't know how this vaccine performs against new strains and we don't know how long it even lasts.
  10. I didn't like it either. I think most fans recognised that he was going to struggle on the outside and I really don't understand why Schwartz kept him out there.
  11. Agreed! I liked him at Safety and I think he can operate at times, when needed, in the slot. But as an outside corner? No thanks.
  12. They are a mess yes. I mean like you say they have had the longest time to figure this out yet are the last team left.
  13. I mean if you're Houston at this point I guess you just bide your time.
  14. And you're absolutely right. I agree with you. The argument against Sirianni can be seen as a racist argument in itself. Its just a really tricky argument either way. Right. I mean are there a large contingent of minority races that want to play hockey but can't?
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