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  1. At this point expectations need to be changed. If they don't make the SB then I think it's a disappointing year. Going in to the year that wasn't the case but it is now. This team is so so good! So good. This team is the best team in the NFL. A lot can happen and a lot can change in the coming weeks but right now this team should be thinking SB and nothing else.
  2. I think he'll be a back up next year at this point. I'm not sure any team is bringing him in to be their starter.
  3. Smith is so so good! His route running is elite and it gets mentioned every week. He just is so smooth and is able to beat his man with just fluid movement. And he's also tough as hell. Man is he tough.
  4. Hurts is the franchise QB we've all been waiting and hoping for. He's outstanding both on the field and off it.
  5. Some insane stats there! This team has so much potential and so many ways they can beat their opposition. At this point I think they'll need an off day to lose games rather than the opposition being better than them. And even with an off day they have a chance, look at the Washington game. They also beat Indy when not playing very well.
  6. Do we know the extent of Watkins injury yet?
  7. The only thing that really concerns me with NY is Barkley. I know he's gone off thy boil a little but I feel like he's the kind of RB we struggle against. We all feared Henry and our D shut him down... But Henry is a big physical back who runs over people. We added Size at the DT position and I think that makes us more stout against inside runs. But I'm still worried about us on the outside runs.
  8. The problem he's now got is that he's not good enough now for a) a team to build around him and make him the focal point. And b) he's not able to play in the way that most teams now play. And so he's got to accept a role as a back up or in a lesser league somewhere in the world.
  9. That guy is not going to finish his career with the grace and positivity he would have deserved. He's behaving like a petulant child and his on field efforts don't warrant him to be a main feature of any team. I've always been a huge Ronaldo fan. I've always argued he's the greatest player of all time. But the way he's conducting himself he's doing himself and his legacy no favours.
  10. Well you win some you lose some. Seems Howie lost this one.
  11. Just been to see Black Panther... I thought it was very very good, one of the better parts of phase 4... There were parts that I really liked and there were parts that I felt were a little too forced.
  12. As I heard ESP say the other day... Carson got handed his contract from the day he was drafted #2 overall. Jalen has had to go out there and earn it.
  13. Very true. I did think that when watching at first.
  14. I still think he can bounce it outside and that is where I think we are susceptible. It's why the Cowboys worry me.
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