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  1. True but hey a second round pick is a nice pick still. And let's be honest here... I'd rather a second round pick and Wentz continues to get hurt and struggle than a first round pick and Wentz lights it up.
  2. Oh I completely agree. He's got to go out there and prove it.
  3. Which in theory is fine... But they don't really have a shot every year.
  4. Yeah he would be you're right. Let's first see how this all plays out.
  5. So it'll probably be a second round pick. Cheers Wentz.
  6. Howie doesn't know how to rebuild. He's not really rebuilt in his time as GM. What he does is he adds to the talent on the roster and in 2017 that worked out to the max. It isn't his way, or Lurie's way, to just rebuild and write off the year. They want to be competitive and they think they have the pieces to do that. Unfortunately it's why typically this team wins 9-10 games and doesn't get the #1 seed. Apparently that's what they were going to do was to build to being the best in the division but i think their approach hampers them.
  7. Oh man! I actually really like this pick up. I liked Obi going in to the draft and I think there's a good player there. It didn't work out in Oakland but let's see what Gannon can do.
  8. Yeah they aren't going to get that kind of haul for him at this point. I mean if he's all cleared of charges etc then his value may bounce back.
  9. It's going to be an interesting battle. I think many assume Mailata will be given most first team reps but let's not forget Dillard was going to be the starting LT until he got hurt in TC last year.
  10. I didn't realise he was 28 so I stand corrected and no it isn't a move that the Eagles should make. I thought he was 25/26 at most.
  11. But Howard is still pretty young. I think going after top tier players to form part of your future is absolutely fine. But again it has to be for the right price.
  12. I'm not sure I'd say this past draft we did better. The jury is still out there because we simply don't know. We think Smith is going to be a stud but we don't know. We think Dickerson could be a really good OL but he comes with real injury concerns. And beyond that I think there were a lot of project picks and unknowns except Gainwell. I like a lot of the picks but let's see if they work out.
  13. Ok yeah that's fair. I mean if he has a big leg then hopefully then can help him with that accuracy and then he could be a good punter long term for this team.
  14. Just remember... United just got Varane for about £10m less than Arsenal paid for Ben White!
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