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  1. Doubt it. If someone wanted him, they would’ve signed him I would imagine. I’m actually surprised I haven’t heard his name yet. I almost forgot we signed him.
  2. Training camp is officially off the list of things I look forward to. The coverage is absolutely terrible.
  3. That doesn’t seem too alarming to me when I read it. Kelce is getting up there and sounds like he’s played through pain the last few years by reading that.
  4. Because blue states, cities, and counties fare so well.
  5. Yeah I’ll probably make my way to Dripping/Bee Cave/Spicewood when the market slows down. Sometimes I do zoom pretty far out on Zillow just to see what’s out there in other states I like.
  6. I wish this was like Arizona or somewhere. Austin gets some pretty bad humidity.
  7. I long for the days when it’s 81. It’s been 100+ here since like May.
  8. Here you go. It’s really a special moment. Take your time with it. Wash your hands after. https://youtube.com/shorts/pgpdw0oDOa4?feature=share
  9. It’s a 34 year old, 265 lb DE coming off a bad injury against a young mobile QB. What’s your point here? Graham isn’t a LB.
  10. Juking out a DE on his last legs approaching retirement doesn’t excite me. I did like the AJB pass, however.
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