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  1. That piece of slunk meat would rather chop off her own arm, rather than touch his kielbasa. Hell she's so skanky, this guys is in worst position than her brother. If she has one, I'm sure her brother's batter dipped his corn dong in her, multiple times.
  2. He tried suing the paper out of existence after the 1st one, claimed anti-semitism - https://www.nfl.com/news/redskins-snyder-sues-paper-over-story-he-says-defamed-him-09000d5d81e1544b So like any rich a-hole, he's very eager to sick his lawyers on anyone publishing anything unflattering about him.
  3. 'lil Danny should go full heel by follow the Cleveland Browns example, then they would end up as the Washington Snyders. One can only dream
  4. Here's a breakdown of the ish Snyder pulled after only ONE decade of ownership(written in 2010) ... https://washingtoncitypaper.com/article/221900/the-cranky-redskins-fans-guide-to-dan-snyder/
  5. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ That's not "REAL" communism
  6. Haven't posted here/old place, in a LONG time. Was at home today and had a couple minutes to blow and you got the brunt of it 😜 Just one of my pet peeves, people pointing out an occurrence and declaring victory. I'm not saying you did that, but got close enough that I grabbed it and ran with it. Context is everything. When a strong hurricane season comes, it's PROOF. When a season is less productive, it's crickets. When an EF5 tornado appears, it's PROOF. When there wasn't an EF5 for eight year, it's crickets. Like I said, pet peeve. Feasible is pumping an endless supply of money into alternative energy, as money is being printing like crazy, with no backing. This approach seems to surprisingly be making an impact into oil/coal. That's a start. But it really doesn't mean jack when China pollutes like mad and a single cargo ship pumps out as much pollution as 50k cars. Pick and industry(BIG ASS CONTAINER SHIPS?), figure out a less polluting solution that is still economically viable, and mandate it. But then again, won't matter as China will give everyone the finger and still do what it's doing.
  7. I also know that it's been eight years since the last F5/EF5 tornado in the US. Compare that to the five that hit in 1953,(including one in December), four in 1968 and SEVEN in the SAME DAY, across four different states in 1974. Had that happened this year, I'm sure you would have been slitting your own wrists or more likely, looking to slit the throats of anyone you deem non-leftist enough. Certainly take an interest and fight for change, but also learn where these events appear in context. Otherwise, someone saying BOO is going to cause you to have a heart attack. And as usual for you types, else you'll call me a liar - https://www.spc.noaa.gov/faq/tornado/f5torns.html
  8. Wasn't sure where to put this, but since she only makes news when she's bloviating about politics...
  9. CCP released a couple videos. One of which they "organically" brought up the date in casual conversation I"m surprised we didn't see here blinking SOS, like the Vietnam prisoner videos. Oh yeah, I know why - they'd kill her whole family. Keep buying those Nikes and idolizing LaBron James - Sheep
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