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  1. Soooooo who are the HOT QB prospects coming out of college for the 2022 DRaft?
  2. AGreed, he has 15 more games, we aren't going anywhere, lets see how he progresses. I just have my doubts. Doesn't matter, we still have to watch the next 15 games
  3. He has a full season - same as it was before the start of Training camp. Last week, the defenses gave him the underneath and played alot of zone. After that game I shared my concerns that good teams will take that away, and This week 49rs played a lot of man and they took away the underneath and pressured him. The results were expected by me. I stated before the season I dont think he will win this job this year, but he has all year to do just that. I would love to be wrong. 15 more games to prove me wrong Jalen.
  4. Honestly right now Hurts is a 1 maybe 2 read QB and then take off. He was missing some pretty open guys because he was already decidning to leave the pocket. (sometimes forced, some times not) The issue is, can he improve? I think he can, I just doubt it will be good enough. I would rather have a pocket passing QB who can run if he has to, then a college option QB.
  5. This is the team I thought they might be. Hurts was really ineffective throwing the ball save for the one deep shot to Watkins.. Relying on Hurts' Legs wont win you games against good teams. San Fran took away the underneath stuff, and Hurts is not a pocket passer. Our defense looked decent and better than I expected. But Could not stop them on the 3rd and short or 4th and short when it mattered. If the rest of the season plays out like the first 2 games, we look good against bad teams and our Offense is Hurts running the ball against good teams, we will be needing a new QB at end of year. A bit early for that, but this was the expected result against good teams.
  6. First- I have no problem with taking what the defenses will give you, however, they wont always give you the underneath, especially if they think you cant pass down field. For reference two Of Hurts's farthest throws on Sunday were short and the WR/TE had to wait on them. The other of the three passes 15+ yards or more was the TD to Smith, which was beautifully thrown, as stated, I am not saying he cant throw downfield, we just need to see it before we crown him king of all QB's and make him the MVP. WHat we saw was him managing the game, he did great doing that.
  7. yeah if you completely overlook the first 3 seasons of Wentz. Yeah ok sure. I kinda remember Wentz playing like an MVP, so far Hurts is capt checkdown, not saying he cant throw downfield, we just haven't seen it yet.
  8. I like Cheesesteaks and all... But I'd rather have a bacon cheeseburger sub on a homemade roll. yup I'm not Philly.
  9. BTW this is Chicken Steak See below from the Internet... LOL But chicken steak is chuck. All from the shoulder of the beef.
  10. I stated at the time when it happened, Reich was our biggest loss and we would regret losing him.
  11. Well sorry I wasnt trying to be Philly. Oghhh yes I DO! 🙂
  12. Thats why you add Ketchup or sauce... Never have that issue.
  13. What part did you have a problem with? Yesh just because I had season tickets, visit the city, get cheese steaks, but didn't know WIT was about the onions? Sorry, I didn't grow up IN philly and dont have a Philly accent or talk Philly? Why is that so hard to understand?
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