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  1. Reich was hired away by Colts after the SB win. Raiding champion's staff is a norm and teams are supposed not to stop that.
  2. Metcalf did not run fast enough to qualify for the Olympic trial. Will JJAW race him in a 100m match?
  3. Joe Douglas came with a high credential from his years at the Ravens. His time with the Eagles was not touted a lot or as highly. Now with the Jets, he shines again as a good talent evaluator. That begs the question what limited his contributions when he was with the team.
  4. Howie on the radio was saying that Hurts was expected to grasp the QB position and run with it. Flacco has a chance to compete, but the team's chips are on Hurts. After all, he is young and has more room to grow and develop.
  5. Johnson when healthy was a good RB. This appears to be one of Howie's special: recovered injured player. If 100%, it would be a great bargain. But that is TBD. Competition among the RBs will be good. Expect the new coaches to feature run game more. Even if they keep 4, Scott is in the bubble. Could he be traded to bring something back? Claimed off waiver, does it mean Johnson's previous contract has been voided? Or his rookie contract comes with him? Don't know if there is cap room for his deal.
  6. Howie needs to pair up with a scout-background personnel guy, and/or he take the inputs from the coaches. He still has the urges to go bargain hunting and trading picks. In the draft just completed, Howie maybe under the instruction from Lurie to go with the talents and not play the trading games.
  7. No official announcement yet? What is the hold-up?
  8. Kind of an off-topic re the draft. Saw a number of teams had their owner, HC and GM announced the team's picks. Only saw the Eagles President made one late round pick. I did not watch the entire 7-round draft and could miss someone. If true, our top brass missed the chance to show their face and make the connection with the fan base.
  9. Remember DJax got hit hard on a crossing route. Not sure if he missed any game after that. But he was kind of shy on the routes in the middle.
  10. IMHO, keep Mailata at LT. Train Dillard at RT in TC. Driscoll maybe a better backup at RT at this point. Let them battle it out. Dillard won't be a swing T, as that will only confuse him and make things worse. Dickerson is the future C. Let him recover from his injuries and learn in the 1st season. Then insert him when Kelce retires. Seumalo stays at LG and the first back-up at C. When that happens, Dickerson gets some game experience at LG.
  11. Being a high draft pick, JJAW has some leeway. Grimes may challenge that position. With the new coaching staff, they probably pay less consideration of the past. They see something promising in Grimes or some other prospects, and JJAW does not show enough, he will be gone.
  12. Still no move on Ertz. His high contract number may dilute the interests of other teams. If it ends as a outright cut, it would be bad.
  13. It seems that the UDFAs are about the same level of ability of the CBs already on the roster, Slay and maybe Maddox being the only exceptions. Add a few of UDFAs for competition that may bring out the best of someone. The FO may be working to sign some vet CBs to add to the group. Kind of surprised that they did not draft more CBs, even in later rounds.
  14. I thought they had 4 picks in round 6, but only saw 3 picks. What happened to that extra one?
  15. Surprised only one CB taken, considering how thin that group is. They now need to target veteran CB to add. This is a passing league and the need for CBs is paramount. True to the philosophy: build out from LOS. A bit heavy haul at DL. How many draftees can earn a spot in the roster? TE and QB are still undermanned. Depth and developmental are the focus. UDFA signing? There is usually a rush to sign them, though not many will make the roster.
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