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  1. Flacco may be the #3 QB at this moment. Yes, it is early. By the reports thus far, he has not shined. He has a rich guaranteed contract which may be hard to cut him. Nice handi-work that Howie has done.
  2. They were teammates at college. Should have something to build on.
  3. Biles in the qualifying was not as good as she used to be. Her landing was off. The Russian beat them in that round. Further, Biles was not performing well, not at the level of her past excellence, in the US Championship and team trial. The pressure was affecting her then and it was magnified during the Olympics. All the hype of GOAT and her feature commercials must have got to her and affected her mental status. One encouraging sign was that she was very well involved in the cheering for her teammates at the sideline after she withdrew. Being involved yet not under the spot light to perform could help her to regain the joy of the games. Maybe she is not completely out of this Olympics yet.
  4. It is about time. Question is why it took so long? Earlier I thought the team did not have the cap to sign him after signing Nelson. But Nelson's deal actually is under the cap and they are able to sign Dickerson. Now it is done, time for TC.
  5. Signing Nelson exhausts the available cap room of the team. Dickerson is still unsigned and the TC starts tomorrow. He is not under contract and can't go on PUP (I think). Howie needs to free up some money really soon. Don't see the needs to have Watson on the roster. His legal issues are one thing. Costs are the other. QB controversial can cause the team into turmoil, last season lesson is still vivid.
  6. Johnson, Brooks and Kelce are the big contract vets who should be on the declining part of their playing career. Also on DL, Graham and Cox are on the same boat. Peters debacle should play an important lesson on how to handle this bunch. We are in a somewhat better shape in terms of replacements on OL. Not so much on the DL.
  7. Not sold on Hurts as the team QB yet. But feeling good that his college WR teammate will be on the other end of his passes. That should help both players. LT battle will be interesting to watch. Whoever win the position will be a plus as can't have enough good OT on the team. CB/DB is still a position to be concerned about. We need a couple of young players to step up and make a claim on the roles. I'd expect the FO will bring in someone to reinforce the position. Ertz's situation is still unclear. Don't mind to have him on the roster, but his cap can be deployed in other areas of need.
  8. Wasn't that due to Doug wanted to give the back-up's chance to go in and have game video to evaluate, akin to Sudfeld went in for Hurts in the last game.
  9. TB's approach was right, having the roster in good shape and when you plug in a quality QB, you win it all. Getting a questionable QB for our team now will not create the desired results. Lurie should do the right things to let this season plays out and see where the young players and coaches are, before making any big moves.
  10. Quality back-up is highly valuable. Can't have enough young players ready to step up and contribute. The team has the tradition to build around the lines, OL and DL. Can't say enough good things about that.
  11. Love the Mialata story and rooting for him to win the LT job. That would be one of best successes of developing young talents. On the other hand, also wish both Dillard and Mialata would find their respective role on the team. Can't have enough quality OTs.
  12. Just a thought: NE has a WR (Harry?) who wants to be traded and that team loves TE and know how to use them. Could a trade be worked out between them? We may have to throw in something extra to sweeten the deal. It could be good for both teams if the costs are right.
  13. To factor in some missed time by Sanders, it needs to have a RB who can fill in as the main RB. By experience and production, Howard may well be that guy, even many consider him as a big/physical back. Gainwell is a rookie, Scott (is he signed yet?) is the receiving back, they have their roles, but not much a feature back. They could bring in another RB to TC and figure out which 4 RBs to keep on roster.
  14. Bad if they re-sign Peters and Gerry. Best to clean cut and leave them out there. Speaking of keeping the old players going beyond the expiration, was it Doug or Howie/Lurie who wanted to have them around? Obviously they were not at the playing level to warrant that approach.
  15. If the Bills will take Sweat, have no problem with that. The question is: is Sweat an upgrade to what they have, including the new draftees? Sweat may have some game experience, but he would be learning a new defense scheme. Could he be productive immediately vs the newbies? I'd rather take draft pick for trading Ertz. That gives our team more flexibility to address the needs in the roster.
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