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  1. Wentz has been looking for the long passes either by coaches' instruction or his own initiative. When the deep receiver is not open or the OL breaking down, he is trying to buy time to complete the plays, which leads to sacks or forcing passes into tight window resulting in INT. Doug should put in plays on shorter routes and faster release. So that Wentz does not hold on the ball too long. Rushing more also helps. Not sure why the coaches have not seen that and made the changes. Unwilling to change and adjust can be fatal, IMHO.
  2. Alshon was only targeted under 5 times in the last 2 games. Don't think he took away the passes from Fulgham. There is other reason why Fulgham has not produced as much. Wentz is looking to Goudert/Rodgers and Ward more in recent games. Also, Doug said the opposing team paid more attention to Fulgham and put their better CB on him, leading to less targets and lower production.
  3. This has more to do with the coaches. They are trying to fit the player into their system of plays, instead of design plays to use the players' skills. This approach will have a high failure percentage. This also points to the issues on player evaluation. They see the plays in college and all the flashy skill measurements. Fall in love and pick those shinny objects, only to find out they don't work as well in the system.
  4. Doug said that Hurts simulates the Seahawls QB at practice. Does not look like he is preparing Hurts to go in as the Eagles QB.
  5. When you draft in the 2nd half of the round, you don't get the "star" players. Strong scouting team will give you the chance to get good value on each round and UDFAs. Good coaching staff will turn the player potential into real playing ability. If these are not in place, you spend big bucks to sign FAs, which is not the formula to build a successful and consistent winner.
  6. The extra offensive help is one problem. They need to streamline those inputs and identify the plays that works. More concerning is that the team has not been able to make in-game adjustments to turn things around, or stop the slide. Unlike Foles, Wentz has not been effective with RPO. He is still holding on the ball too long, that could be the results of receivers not getting open and/or the OL getting beat too fast. Simplify the plays and shorten the progressive reads. Throw the ball away is still a fine option. The team holds on to vets too long. Yes, they brought the SB win to the team and city. Injuries become an issue and some are no longer able to perform. It is time to let them go. Go young and let the inexperienced one play more snaps. Howie and Doug are part of the problem. Not sure if Lurie would make the wholesale change. Howie can move to just the contract and cao management. Get someone else for talent evaluation and draft. Like the suggestion for Doug to refresh his staff for one more season. If that does not bring progress, he will be moved as well.
  7. Glad that Ostman at long last has his chance to play in a real game. Show us what you have and you may become a regular of the defense.
  8. With fewer offensive coaches for this game, it would streamline the inputs to Doug. If this works well, it would be time to sideline some of the assistants for the rest of season.
  9. Agree completely with the title here. Doug and his staff have had issues this season. Whole-sale changes in mid-season would be highly damaging and unwise for the organization. More importantly is to see if they can make some adjustments in mid-season to at least stop the slide and stabilize the situation. If by chance, they make it to the playoff, great! Otherwise, just play for a better position for next season.
  10. Djax is done here. For 2 seasons, he resides in IR and has not been healthy. He won't be better health-wise next season. So let him go. For a long time, the team does not have a strong pipeline of young and rising players. They have held on to older players too long and taken the game snaps away from young players, critical element of their development. Expect a major make-over in the off-season. Coaching staff also needs some changes. They should have an OC to streamline the inputs from different offensive coaches and let Doug have a focus game approach. The execution of play has been poor and inconsistent. Simplify the plays and more repetitive practices could help.
  11. Hurts has been a puzzle at the beginning. They have no idea how to use him in a game. So far, they are trying different ways and hope to find something. Wentz stays in when Hurts comes in is essentially playing with 10 men. IMHO, they should designate Hurts to run the 2-pt conversion, which the team runs a lot. Design something specificly for those plays and have him practised them thru and thru. With some success, he can gain confidence and trust. Then he can move on to other areas, likely RZ or use the plays he has success in other situations. Right now, QB factory it is not, more like a young man wasted in the system.
  12. It was a poorly played game. Wentz was a big part of it. He was missing many of his receivers. TE Rodgers was the reliable one and Wentz was looking for him when he was in a bad situation. Amazing to see there were trouble on 3 snaps. Kelce is the vet and worked with Wentz for thousands of snaps. Incredible! Doug did not call a good game. Early in the season, the team said the same coaching staff was an advantage over other NFCE teams who had new coaches. As it turned out, this coaching staff did not have much of an advantage. In fact, no OC and a bunch of offensive coordinators and advisors confuse the game planning and Doug lost the focus on play calling. Hurts in the game has not produced much. As this point, if Hurts has to go in to play QB, not sure he is able to handle the job. One idea is that Doug likes to go for 2-pt conversion after TD, the most in the league. They could designate Hurts as the QB for that. Design plays and has him practiced those plays until they are automatic.
  13. Hurts may turn out to be a good QB. But at this point, he is a rookie and has not been in games that much. Can be play well this season if he is needed to go in? Probably not with the small sample size. If Wentz keeps playing at a reasonable level and injury free, Hurts' development will be limited. Doug has to find ways to get him game experience to make the experiment worked. Sudfeld was the 2nd QB at the beginning of season. He is now behind Hurts and has been inactive in many games. His tenure with the team is rapidly approaching the end.
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