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  1. Ertz is older. You keep the young one who can give you more years of service. Don't see how they would trade Goeddert and keep Ertz.
  2. Assuming Ertz will be out soon, with the signing of Rodgers, the #1 and #2 TE are set now. They would need a #3 from the new players. Wonder if they will try JJAW at TE. He has the size and can catch some (not good enough as WR though). Surely the pick capital invested in him is a waste. If he can contribute as a TE, it is a small return of investment. Honestly, JJAW can't be worse than Tebow who has not played for years and is now switching to be a TE.
  3. Mullens is still young and already had some game experience and production. Not exactly a starter but could take care a few games if needed. What a #2/3 QB is suppose to be. They usually have 4 QBs in camp. Quite possible they bring in another young QB. Even if he does not push one of the QBs off roster, they can keep him in PS for more development. Just don't know who could fit that role.
  4. I'd agree what you said. In fact, if Dillard shows anything positive on the field, trading him may be the best option. Keep Mailata at LT. Draft or develop Johnson's replacement at RT. Dickerson has potential at C/G, but his health could be an issue.
  5. Grimes apparently has injury issues. Reasons he felt in the draft and let go by the Eagles.
  6. Julio is now traded. Will the other pass catcher, Ertz, be next? Teams are shredding salary to make room for signing rookies and/or FA. The Eagles signed most of the rookies already. Extra money can go to FAs and, at lesser extent, extending players. The CB still needs help.
  7. Why? Medical reasons, or feeling invincible?
  8. Smith is signed. Terms no reported yet.
  9. Dillard has to improve significantly this season. Confidence is the thing. He has to build on what he has and feels now. With continuing successes, he could make a claim for the LT position. That frees up Mailata to switch to RT. We shall have 2 young OTs as bookend.
  10. Just wonder: these recent FO moves are paving the way of Howie's departure? There were several FO additions, some came with league reputation, in the past that did not manage to unseat Howie. Lurie is the key person who has the power to fire or protect Howie. So far, he rather keeps Howie around.
  11. Howie is more concerned about the value and the dollar terms when acquiring players. His tendency of signing and drafting players with some issues (injury and/or scheme-fit) shows what is important to him.
  12. The team is adding FAs after the top names and expensive ones are gone. With the draftees, the roster is taking shape. True to the belief, the DL and OL are getting the emphasis and they are the strength of the team. CB is still thin and can use some more help. The new DC seems willing to play young and inexperienced ones. Don't see adding any named players, but some for competition and development.
  13. That picture looks like a college kid. Thought he is in the 30's and a graybeard in NFL years.
  14. Just saw the announcement of signing Clark, who played G and T for the Colts. If he is a T, it may push Dillard down the depth chart. Driscoll filled in well last season when injuries were a problem. Johnson is recovering from injury and Mailata continues to improve at LT. The addition of Clark fortifies the OT positions and the OL looks pretty good and deep now.
  15. Seumalo, Brooks, Dickerson and Herbig. Also throw Kelce in there. The interior OL is solid and deep. The older players may miss time during the season. There are chances for Dickerson to step in and play. He could be the eventual replacement of Kelce, who is on the last leg of his career. Herbig is an able back-up as shown from last season. No point to move anyone of them.
  16. Ertz should be miles better than Tebow. But teams will wait out Howie to sign Ertz for nothing. The Kerrigan signing also forces Howie's hand to open some cap space.
  17. Kerrigan is obviously a good player. If he can fill the roles of Long a few seasons back, it would be a smart move. His addition also bumps the average age up along the DL. Not exactly a move going young and rebuilding.
  18. So many conversions to TE these days. It begs for the question: will JJAW also make the switch? Speaking of TEs and the desire of having them, why Ertz, a legit TE with performance, is not getting more interests around the league?
  19. Grimes has good college stats and he was at a good football team. Why he was not drafted? Injuries? Character? If he stands out for the team, then he is a steal.
  20. Lions and Cowboys on Thanksgiving is a fix features as long as I can remember. Was that a league decision from the earliest days or it just so happened?
  21. Reich was hired away by Colts after the SB win. Raiding champion's staff is a norm and teams are supposed not to stop that.
  22. Metcalf did not run fast enough to qualify for the Olympic trial. Will JJAW race him in a 100m match?
  23. Joe Douglas came with a high credential from his years at the Ravens. His time with the Eagles was not touted a lot or as highly. Now with the Jets, he shines again as a good talent evaluator. That begs the question what limited his contributions when he was with the team.
  24. Howie on the radio was saying that Hurts was expected to grasp the QB position and run with it. Flacco has a chance to compete, but the team's chips are on Hurts. After all, he is young and has more room to grow and develop.
  25. Johnson when healthy was a good RB. This appears to be one of Howie's special: recovered injured player. If 100%, it would be a great bargain. But that is TBD. Competition among the RBs will be good. Expect the new coaches to feature run game more. Even if they keep 4, Scott is in the bubble. Could he be traded to bring something back? Claimed off waiver, does it mean Johnson's previous contract has been voided? Or his rookie contract comes with him? Don't know if there is cap room for his deal.
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