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  1. They signed an UDFA as well right after the draft. They have plenty if rb camp bodies with Huntley, Brooks, and now Torrey
  2. Hurt is still a rookie honestly. He didnt start every game last year so it didnt count
  3. Not sure I agree with the statement in bold. Last year in the 2nd half of the season we played some really bad teams and some with all 2nd and 3rd string players due to covid. Not to forget the fact teams started to figure out Hurts and how to scheme against him at the end of the season. So with other teams getting better as well along with the possibility of teams playing more starters, I don't have the confidence that they will win more then they will lose. I esp dont have confidence we will make the playoffs. If we do, I have a strong feeling it will be more of the defense or run game that brings it, not Hurts. Not rooting against him, just dont believe in his QB passing abilities.
  4. "Juking" out anyone in a practice that is not allowed to touch you is just dumb. Why is he even running? Defense cant tough him, he should be practicing his progressions.
  5. Saw a lot of Holding that would be called in a real game.
  6. Sad part is I'm sure Howie's starting point is a 2nd rounder which scares people off.
  7. Can't answer the question yet. Need to give them min 1/3rd of the season to make that decision to see how they fit the scheme, culture of the team and system and if they are declining. Esp for guys that joined us for a 1 year deal this year like Bradberry, White, Taart etc.
  8. Well lets see 1- In joint practice you dont run your scheme, your just picking vanilla plays to make your team look better 2- Joint practices you don;t go 100% 3- Joint practices you dont't tackle 4- Joint practices you can;t sack the QB 5- Joint practices your not running the ball Should I keep going? Fact is Eagles "won" these joint practices yet had to 180 their entire scheme mid season on offense, the defense gave up NFL record QB completion percentages last year. Did we see that in these joint practices? No, it was vanilla which in turn means the joint practices did not show us anything.
  9. No one is going to want to trade for him cause he wants a big contract which he hasnt earned. No one will mean his contract expectations. He is just going to have to suck it up, play his butt off and look for his contract to end. If not, Le'veon Bell situation all over again. Never works out for these RBs.
  10. If you remember correct the second half of the season almost every team we played was playing backups including at QB because of injuries and COVID. We didnt blow out these teams with backups and PS players either. Go rewatch the games, it wasnt impressive wins. Would be different if we were firing on all cylinders.
  11. We played teams backups and practice squad players in the second half of the season with the easiest sch in the league. That is the only way we made playoffs by the skin of our teeth. Again joint practices show nada.
  12. Yea it sure showed us last year didnt it? The Eagles supposedly killed in all the joint practices on both sides of the ball. Well turned out our defense all year sucked vs any winning team, Passing offense was so bad they had to change schemes to a run heavy offense. Teams dont show anything during those joint practices. Plays are vanilla, Players are not going 100%, no hitting. So tell me again how it will tell us how our players are actually doing?
  13. A shame your not staying for week 2 and going to the Eagles home opener on Mon night.
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