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  1. There is no way they would do all three 1st rounder picks in any situation. Im sure if they made a trade there would be conditional picks in there based off what happens in 2022 and his status. Me personally, I think the Texans are in a no win situation. How many teams say they want one thing only to take a lot less? Happens all the time. I think in the end it comes down to one 1st in 2022, one conditional 1st in 2023(A lot of options in that condition) and could be an additional mid rounder in 2022. However, i still would not do it. Im sure another team would offer more but I;d offer a 1st and mid rounder and sit on it at least till the trade deadline to see what Hurts has with a new staff and full offseason under him. I'd be afraid Watson would not get along with Howie and jump ship or request a trade out in a few years. Wasted picks if you as me in the long term.
  2. The Steelers are paying him over 6 mill this year after they cut him. So in the end he will make a little over 10 mill this year if he hits all his incentives in the Eagles contract.
  3. Nailed it, :) 4.1mill, and a good amount of it is incentive based.
  4. That would be good for us. The better year he has the better contract he gets in 2022 from another team which in turns gets us a better comp pick.
  5. Its not crazy, its all about preparing your body which Doug was not well and giving his team the best chance at. I was a player, and I can say the best way to prepare yourself for a full season is to practice hard. Prepare in practice like your playing a game. Doug ran very cupcake, soft practices. Players bodies were not prepared for contact. Same goes for running routes, playing coverage etc. If you are not practacing atleast 75% + speed your not ready to 100% in a real game. Hits, tackling etc. Just like preseason games. I can;t stand teams that sit all their players during the preseason to avoid an injury. I was never a Reid fan but he did it right and still does it right. Wk1- 1Q, Wk2- 2Q, Wk3- 3Q. Reid still does that today. Seams the teams that play as many starters as possible in preseason make the playoffs. Im just Hoping Nick keeps working the players hard and getting them ready for contact. This alone can make a big difference in the injury front.
  6. Here for final page and end to yet another offseason.
  7. Here for page 1 The new season can;t get here fast enough.
  8. Just been lazy to start it. Systems are building up for sure. over 35 systems now.
  9. Tech no. Thais what people list them for but not what the price value is or what they sell for. Ebay and Facebook try to inflate prices all the time but doesn't work. Its worth around 400 on avg unless its mint with box etc which is rare. VGPC is usually a very good site most use to base real pricing based off what they are actually selling for. https://www.pricecharting.com/game/vectrex/vectrex-system
  10. If you have one, sure. A few just not on the list yet, like the Channel F On another note, Picked up a Limited edition Simpsons PSP. Will add pictures of it, Gameboy and Sega Dreamcast(newest additions) Great, it is one I have been on the hunt for. Let me know if you come across it.
  11. Maybe we can trade for him in 4 or 5 years when we finally have the cap room for him. He might be old and on his last leg but by then we can afford him.
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