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  1. Dude is not even a good HC. He won a SB with Tony Dungys team then they went to the crapper. Id rather have Brian Daboll
  2. A team can still trade for him if they feel he will be ready a week or two after he is dealt. I wouldnt expect to get anything more then a 4th or 5th though for him. Just no value in RBs
  3. Everyday should be National Tight End day. its the best day of the year.
  4. The good news is We dont really use Sanders anyway. With this not being a long injury a team might take a chance on a trade before the deadline. Time to call up Jordan Howard.
  5. Go team Wentz Washers. Wait where did the Squirts for Hurts clan go?
  6. Maybe that was Nick's game plan. Show Lurie/Roseman that when they run the ball, they have success. Then go back to the Owners game plan........back to failure.
  7. Put him on ignore like 90% of the board does. Hes almost due for another new account name
  8. Graham was their screen guy so they will be fine in that department next season.
  9. Nick will get around to it the same time you do. We might be waiting a while.
  10. End the game now, my prediction was 33-22 raiders lol
  11. Oh boy, you don't have a loaded gun in the house do you?
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