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  1. Team loss for sure. Hurts plays like crap. Missed a lot of throws. Offense was not called great but had some chances which had bad throws end the drive. Defense was horrible. Refused to adjust. It felt like the Zone version of Jim Schwartz's defense. Even Special teams had a blocked FG. Reagor as Ive said is just lazy and not a starting caliber player. The only positive was the Oline played quite well and when we ran the ball we had some nice success.
  2. He did? I saw a TON of missed opportunities with under thrown balls. I would give him a D- for today. Only reason is was not a F was because he had 2 good runs and one nice deep to Watkins.
  3. More appealing then seeing the guy sitting in front of me puking all over himself, lol.
  4. Lets get to mid point of the season first. We played the Falcons who were just as bad as us last year without all the injuries. Thats why I had this as one of my 6 wins on the season. Washington lost to a decent Chargers team. Can;t compare the two so early. Lets hold that thought for a bit and revisit it later in the season.
  5. Im sure the NFLPA will have a field day with this, lol
  6. Since Im on a stand still since there are no Cadillac V series out there near me and cant order one right now. I just found out they released a new Type S Acura TLX that I might consider as well. 355 HP, 354 Torque and SH-AWD would be a very nice daily driver. Pretty much matches up to the Caddy but a little bigger. They are just hitting dealerships now. If I did get this it would be the Blue with Red Interior and Red Brembos in this picture. I might consider the Gunmetal with red interior and red Brembos as well. But that Blue is sharpe. Going to be a tough choice these next few months.
  7. Greg Lewis should be fined and suspended as well. He had zero right to push Harrison.
  8. Conditional 3rd or they will keep him as a backup for the remaining two years on a cheap deal.
  9. General statement so he is happy no matter which bird flies out with the win.
  10. I feel so tiny at 5'11 175. I need to eat more CheeseSteaks
  11. Im sticking with the Redskins. I will never call them anything else
  12. What if those numbers come with 25 INTs and 10 Fumbles, 55% completion rating and 4 wins for the year?
  13. Guess where Goedert goes to in 2022 if we don't resign him? The team his father named him after(Dallas) and we will regret it for many years. I wouldnt let him walk. In a full time role he will be a beast.
  14. Thats exactly why I think they give Mills a chance this year. Look at him this year, and if he doesnt have it, they take a QB next year. The word is out every player on their team is available for trade. They are in full rebuild mode so Mills will get a chance to prove himself, his abilities and character with this team. everyone knows what Tyrod is already.
  15. Davis Mills with the Texans. He will get a good opportunity to play and very likely this year. Im excited to see how this kid reacts to the Pro level game. If he can slow down the game at this level I see him as a promising player in this league. But as mentioned, way to early out of all these players. The next 2-3 years will be fun to watch with these QBs to see who pans out and who was over hyped.
  16. Fields is the least of my worries of the 2021 QBs right now. I actually put even Mills over him, putting Fields at 5th on my list. BUT this is without having a season under their belts.
  17. You very well might be right. Its way too early but Wilson and Jones look to be on a good track. Me personally though, Id like to build a nice solid all around team first then land the QB so we get more years out of him on a rookie contract.
  18. I'm not really interested in ANY of the QBs in this years draft. Better hope Hurts shows promise, another nice QB forces a trade out of his current team or Watson is cleared of all chargers cause im not looking to waste picks on any of this years QB class.
  19. I guess Im old school cause I enjoy those tough defensive battle games. GA is not a passing team, hasnt been in years. they are a pound you to the ground offense and bust you in your mouth defense team. That is exactly what we saw last night. Run game looked good but the defense looked amazing. Reminded me of the old school 70's 80's NFL style football. The younger generation would find that boring but that is real football to me.
  20. They are both trash BUT Flacco pulled off the SB so he edges out Cam in the Trash QB department.
  21. Couldnt disagree more. Im not a Flacco guy BUT Newton has had only one decent season in his career and he had a top defense to help him out. Cam Newton Blows
  22. Only in video games which is where my user name came from many years ago.
  23. Cracks me up when all people care about is speed. Just like WRs, most of the better DBs and WRs are avg speed. Its over rated. Its about scheme, not speed
  24. Not really that funny from Les since they pulled out about 15+ dead bodies from some of those cars yesterday and a lot are still covered so there will be more.
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