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  1. He hasn't shot the ball well all season and that includes pre-covid. Players were talking about the change in balls as another contributing factor
  2. The Northern Territory is really quite large and mainly desert. Through NT there are a bunch of small rural Indigenous communities that are left to their own devices but are quite vulnerable. Binjari would be classified as one of those. The defence force reserves would likely be called in for patient transport in these sorts of situations as they're one of the only emergency services available as a resource.
  3. If you're fired and you know it, clap your hands
  4. Same, I really enjoyed watching him play during his first run with the Cavs. Then 'The Decision' happened...
  5. Stewart's face ran into his closed fist
  6. Can we also get the two threads merged please @Moderator12?
  7. So I went and saw this tonight. I'm somewhere between thinking it was average and completely hating it. I'm probably leaning towards the latter the more I think about it.
  8. I think it was last season where he pushed Embiid when he was in the middle of a dunk. That's two pretty dirty plays in 2 seasons. He is starting to build himself a rep at the end of his career
  9. It's ESPN Australia/NZ. I recorded the game on ESPN 2 and they cut out all the game breaks which is annoying And yes, Venom 2 releases on Thursday here Yes, yes it is. And it's fricken amazing
  10. Mat

    Grand Theft Auto 6

    This was also a day one release on Gamepass
  11. Grant last year had a stretch where he put up insane numbers. He is one of those borderline All-Star guys but not sure he is consistent enough against good teams and playing for a crappy Pistons team he isn't going to get his props for the good performances he does have. The irony is that he was a Sixer at one point. If there is a pick coming back from Detroit that could be the most valuable asset. Simmons won't make them a much better team than Grant currently does so if it's lightly protected it could turn into a decent prospect.
  12. Didn't he have gun charges when he first became an Eagle for possession in an airport?
  13. Asante Samuel would have loved this defense. His forte was sitting 7 yards off and breaking to the ball.
  14. He has made one big change and that's limiting the RPO. Hurts would make the wrong decision and pull it in and throw the ball just about every time. Once he took that decision away they've looked much better and have run the ball consistently and exceptionally well
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