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  1. I saw this last night. A little disjointed at the start but decent. I enjoyed it and I'd watch it again at some point
  2. Fixed Had the 2 TB die on dad's PS4 about 3 months ago. I've generally been pretty lucky with my Seagate drives in the past but I've had 2 separate drives have issues in the last 3 months. The other one was a little older and USB. They're normally prone to being trash. Didn't expect the error on the 8TB that I had. From what I read it will probably work once it was reformatted but there are probably other issues so worth replacing/refunding now
  3. It's not worth the cost of recovery. I have a duplicate drive with most of the stuff on it and all save game data is on the cloud. It was brand new when I got it in 2019. I got one for myself and one for dad. The other one is still kicking so you might be right that I got a lemon. This is it https://www.seagate.com/au/en/consumer/play/game-drive-hub-xbox/ I ended up taking it in and getting a gift card today since it is still under warranty. They've been discontinued but they still have 16 left in the company. They've also dropped another $100 since I got mine. I'm tempted to see if I can get my hands on one as a spare.
  4. This thread is a place to ask any dumb tech questions you want to know the answer to (along with the not so dumb ones) I am going to kick it off I have an 8TB external HDD/Hub that I use for my Xbox. Last night I booted up my console for the first time in about a week and noticed that all the games on the external weren't showing up. I thought maybe it was an error, full shut down the console and when it came on the external wasn't reading at first. After some time it popped up, but not under the custom drive name with 0GB available for use. I had a quick look online and it said to run it through SeaTools and see what shows up. There is a status failure on the IOEDC count (should be 100 but is reading as 99) which I have no idea what it actually means. After some further Googling I found this Bear in mind that the end-to-end error is a critical parameter that means an imminent hard drive failure. So, it is highly recommended that you make a full backup of your hard drive in order to avoid any unnecessary loss. I ran a short Fix All on the drive through the SeaTools and it is still showing the error. Is the drive officially screwed? Can I recover anything? It is still under warranty by about 6 months so I am tempted to just get a refund on it since I need an upgrade anyway. I also had a look at the drive details and it says the amount of hours it has been powered on is 22,742 The drive is always plugged in, but normally the light turns off with the console when it goes into standby. I'm thinking this is highly likely the reason it is cooked.
  5. Mat


    I finally finished it the other night The first ep of volume 2 (The Cousin of Death) is quite possibly one of my fave of any show. It ties into Ruth's character perfectly since she listens to old school rap throughout the show and they use Illmatic as a theme.
  6. Yup I went and saw The Black Phone tonight. It was a pretty good movie and more psychological with some supernatural elements than jump scares which I liked.
  7. Mat

    I need some nerd help

    There is a way to turn off notifications with the majority of these apps unless you're directly tagged. That involves being somewhat technologically inclined to go through and do it rather than muting everything. If you do have a meeting it might be worth bringing it up there.
  8. Mat

    I need some nerd help

    They use this where I work. You can create a bunch of threads. It's a bit sheety on your phone and I only get notifications if I'm mentioned. Discord is probably another option I prefer Whatsapp for group messages/notifications but you can't pin messages (and if you can I have no idea how)
  9. I'm pretty sure it also had to do with the Basketball league you were the commissioner of that became a complete sheet show and no-one wanted to have you in any Fantasy league again
  10. If he is not good enough to crack the rotation of a second rate league they shouldn't be wasting a roster spot by having him come over
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