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  1. Don't tell me what to do. Well I hope he didn't leave any marks.
  2. I didn't say the Eagles chances were better than Dallas. I just said that the Eagles had improved and it's not like any other team in the division doesn't have big question marks.
  3. Every roster and season is a projection. I mean saying Dallas is improved means you are projecting improvement from returning injured players or new players. Fitzmagic in Washington may not be that great. He has 3 career games against the Vikings and completed under 60% of his passes. He let Miami to a 16-12 win against Indy in 2019. I mean he's not facing Jim Schwartz in Philly anymore. Washington was a QB away from being a decent playoff contender. I don't think Fitzpatrick or Heinecke are necessarily upgrades for them. Dallas adding Micah Parsons is not as significant as if they added Surtain or Horn. He just won't have that kind of impact on their defense for them. Dak's return from the ankle injury isn't a sure thing. I mean McNabb had a less severe injury and really took more than a year to regain his mobility. Arguably, he wasn't ever the same rushing threat after his ankle fracture. Devonta Smith was a top 10 value on the offense. He plays in a position of value in terms of wins above replacement. https://www.pff.com/news/draft-why-positional-value-matters-in-the-nfl-draft If you don't think he has a chance to significantly improve a team that's leading WR was a UDFA with under 600 yards, then I think we would disagree on his draft value. The Giants added a receiver but Toney is probably more of a project for them. They have a pretty mediocre WR room. Their big FA signing, Golladay, is coming off of a string of leg injuries that were season ending. Daniel Jones has to improve his play. I rolled all of my 401k into something called a dog coin. Was that good?
  4. Dallas has big questions on the o-line. They invested heavily on defense but I don't think that means they are necessarily improved. Dan Quinn's defense depends upon good secondary and safety play. They didn't address those positions early in the draft. Dak coming back should help but I don't think they were a d-coordinator away from being a playoff team. Also Mike McCarthy doesn't seem like he's a capable coach. The Giants should be better and I think if Daniel Jones turns out to be good they could have the best team in the division. If Daniel Jones turns out to be a turnover machine JAG then I don't think there's enough talent to win. The Redskins have the best defense in the division. They have very good skill players on offense. They could ride a combo of Fitzpatrick and Heinecke to the division title. Their o-line, however, is kind of meh. They added Cosmi and they got some surprising play out of some veterans but I think there's still big questions with their OTs. Also, the Eagles have improved too.
  5. The entire NFC East is a trash can wrapped in a dumpster inside a landfill. So the fact that the Eagles have a team means they could contend.
  6. Can't wait for the 9 million articles proclaiming some barely rosterable player the Eagles' version of Anthony Barr.
  7. The idea that this is some conspiracy by the Texans is just crazy. I think the allegations against Watson make him untradeable but it's not like that helps the Texans. There's no way the Eagles should consider trading for him.
  8. I'm sure he shared his opinion as did Lurie. I don't think that means they were telling him who to play. I mean it's not like Howie's calling down to the sideline in between plays or deciding reps at practice.
  9. Even if Hurts were not on the roster and Wentz was still the QB, I think we would have the same if not more concern about the position. Hurts is on a one year audition. The team will be able to move on from him in the next 2 seasons and have assets to get a QB if he's not the guy.
  10. I don't think I have heard that from anyone. I think he had say on the active roster on game days but I don't think he was telling Doug who to start.
  11. So if he can't adjust to the reads and timing at the NFL level what do you do?
  12. That's the risk of not working out at the facility. It's part of the CBA. I think it would only be problematic if the injury was sustained when a facility was shut down due to the pandemic.
  13. 5g signal is incredible if you got the Pfizer.
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