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  1. you're too chicken**** to start new topics so you lie back and try to bust out new posters who do.
  2. the guy seems really driven. Hard work by head coaches often pays off.
  3. any hassles I ever had with mods started immediately after you 2 started throwing your weight around in my threads you supposedly didn't care about.
  4. well I want us to draft a wideout with our second pick but I think both Reagor and Fulgham are decent. I think Sanders is more sturdy than you think. Scott and Howard are good enough to take a share of the load. Dallas may trade up and draft Pitts which will give them the best receivers since Rice and TO. we will compete unless the injuries rain down again.
  5. oh I think Cowherd is the most interesting of the sports pundits but he's often very wrong and he's especially annoying because he likes to talk about the Cowboys so much.
  6. we've been thru this argument before. You rarely ever start a thread because of some hangup and this is why you fixate so deeply on threads others like me start.
  7. I had a girlfriend in highschool named Laurie for what that's worth.
  8. well Roseman is more involved on a personal level with the head coach than most GMs but it was never that substantial until Carson started to falter and then everything got gummed up.
  9. a lot of new stuff here I see. Including thank god, some Eagles stuff. I will answer it all when I come back in a few hours.
  10. Where this is coming from, everytime I show up here I get harangued by bwestbrook and downunderthetablemike. The last 3 or 4 times I tried to post here, my thread got moved out of this forum like swiftly. The mod must be taking his nap because otherwise this one would be gone, that's just how Eagles communities work. I was hoping this would bring a change from the last but if anything it's worse.
  11. the board is not slowing down from my 4 threads a year.
  12. I'm sure I'm not the only person this happens to, what else are you 2 going to do with yourselves as months pass without a post from me? I'm certain you've run many good Birds fans off this site.
  13. Wish I had gotten this at the getgo, might've been an ok thread. by now nobody's around to read it. 1. Well the way I see it, no way this freak injury bug lasts forever, we due for a little luck. 2. I agree they suck at the draft but those first few corners are can't miss guys. and even if they don't add a wideout, new coach might make full use of Reagor and Fulgham. 3. that's overblown, the biggest mess was just how Doug handled Carson. 4. Sirianni is from the Reich school, all indications are he will show balance.
  14. haha instigator #1 points the finger at his prey. Probably a MAGA guy.
  15. Are you stupid? I was referring to the Reich part of the story and that Carson intervened supposedly. That did not happen. As for you not starting it, you and bwestbrook always run as a tagteam. I cannot believe the owner/mods here haven't sussed that out by now, y'all must be relatives.
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