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  1. https://www.si.com/nfl/colts/film/wentz-concerns-2020-eagles-sack-total Diving Into Why Carson Wentz Was Sacked So Often in 2020 Carson Wentz was sacked a league-high 50 times in 2020. While the Eagles were not great, I dive into why Wentz deserves some blame for the issues. Zach Hicks 4 hours ago The 2020 Philadelphia Eagles were a complete mess. They had injuries across their offensive line, a terrible wide receiver core, and a scheme that did the offense no favors. One of the biggest issues with the Eagles last year was the high sack rate, as Wentz was sacked a league high 50 times in just 11.5 games played. While a lot of Indianapolis Colts' fans and analysts want to chalk most of those sacks up to the environment around Wentz, I saw it a bit differently when watching film. Yes, the Eagles were a mess and Wentz was put into a bad situation. However, Wentz deserves as much blame for the high sack rate as those other factors do. In today's film room, we are going to look at a few advanced stats regarding the Eagles' sack problem while I show the results of my own personal charting of every sack allowed with Wentz under center in 2020. Advanced Stats + Results of My Charting I know that talking negative about Wentz is off-limits to a lot of Colts' fans this offseason so I wanted to thoroughly do my own research before diving into this piece. What I decided to do was to go back and chart every single sack allowed by the Eagles with Wentz under center in 2020. I charted each sack by time until the sack, who I believe is at fault, and how many pass rushers the defense brought. Here are the results of my charting: The average time from snap until sack was 3.65 seconds from my charting. This number is far from official but it provides a baseline that there was decent time to throw on most of these plays. 97.8% of the sacks I charted had the defense bringing five or fewer pass rushers. I credited Carson Wentz with being at fault for 12 of the 50 sacks last season (24% of the sacks). This is fairly close to the numbers Pro Football Focus (11 sacks credited to Wentz) and Michigan Football Analytics (17 sacks over expected) had him at. What happens next for the Colts? Don't miss out on any news and analysis! Take a second and sign up for our free newsletter and get breaking Colts news delivered to your inbox daily! What Went Wrong for Wentz The two biggest concerns I saw on film were his inability to pull the trigger/playing hero ball and poor pocket management. We were a bit spoiled with Philip Rivers in 2020, as he was a top six passer in the NFL in completion percentage, passer rating, and yards per attempt while under pressure. Rivers was masterful with diagnosing pressure pre-snap and understanding how to attack defenses with anticipation throws underneath. Wentz struggles mightily with this and it is a reason why he had a passer rating of 48.3 while under pressure in 2020. He doesn't throw the checkdown and underneath pass, and opts to play hero ball more often than not. While the downfield hero ball is great for highlights, sometimes the simply play is all that is needed. This play against the Pittsburgh Steelers is a great example of this. The Eagles drew up a simple pass to the running back on second and long to make it a more manageable third down. Wentz doesn't throw to the open back though and holds the ball for the sack. Anticipation throws were also a struggle for Wentz in 2020. This is a third and short and Wentz is given two great options to convert on the play. He has pressure closing in but he has to be able to hit one of these routes to give his team a chance at the first down. Instead, he tucks the ball and takes the sack. There is a jarring stat from last year that Wentz only threw eight drag routes on the entire season. For perspective, Michael Pittman Jr caught more drag routes last year than Wentz even threw. The issue with this is they were a heavy part of the Eagles' playbook. Wentz just didn't throw them, even when they were open. This play is just tough to watch. Third and eight against a blitz heavy team and Wentz has to get this pass to his receiver, who has room to run, on the drag route. Just a bad misread on a simple play. An even bigger concern than misreads was how poorly Wentz navigated the pocket. These issues mostly came up after week six so the idea that Wentz just didn't trust his offensive line could certainly be thrown out there. However, this is a play that your franchise quarterback has to make. Easy lane to step up and deliver this pass over the middle and he opts to roll out and take the sack instead. Good blocking up front with open receivers down the field, Wentz just isn't able to make the play. The quick trigger just wasn't there for most of the season. A lot of the sacks I credited to him were plays where I felt like he saw the correct receiver to throw to but he just didn't throw the ball. It felt very similar to watching Jacoby Brissett in 2019 in that regard. He sees the broken coverage on this fourth and three and has a second to get this ball out. He just hesitates and the result is a sack and a fumble. Final Thoughts I want to state for the record that I am not trying to nitpick Wentz in this article or call him an awful quarterback by any means. This is a legit concern, however. Wentz had a lot of issues in the pocket last year and thinking that those issues all go away with a better offensive line and scheme is just wrong. The promising part about all this, though, is that it is fixable. I'm not saying that it is an easy fix but it is more of a mental limitation rather than a physical one. The key for Wentz is trusting in this staff, offensive line, and receiving group and cutting a lot of the hero ball out of his game. Carson Wentz can find success in Indianapolis. It won't be easy by any means and he is coming off of a season where he was as much of an issue on the field as the rest of that Eagles' offense was. While I am focusing on a negative in this piece, these issues are correctable. If anyone can help him figure out these concerns, it's Frank Reich and the Colts.
  2. I always leave here disappointed. I was hoping this would still be some kind of 'unofficial' forum, since it's status changed. It's not. It's a place where hard facts get replaced by the soft, sickly sweet BS thrown about by the local charlatans, and gets tossed about and bathed in by people too lazy to distinguish fact from fiction for themselves. If only there were a penalty for writing a story that turns out to be utter prevarication. A whole new generation of sportswriters might find work in this town. But no. People read from the same bungholes. What I really like is when someone writes a BS story, and then continues to write more BS using the other BS as a foundation. Some fans are living in a world of BS right now. The BS plays to their primal emotions, just like politics. But like Fletcher Cox said -Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
  3. Why isn't Doug Pederson coaching this season? Why am I not hearing that some teams are interested and making offers? I mean, he won a Superbowl. I know why. Because the NFL is beginning to realize that the Eagles, EVEN with their mistakes, are becoming the best managed team in football, and THAT'S been the key to their success. Brains don't guarantee success. They only guarantee progress. Why isn't Hurts named the starter now? Let me ask; if you're going to a restaurant in a week, not sure of the menu or specials, why would you order the wings now, just because you know you like them? Strategic rigidity is always a detriment. Was it Mike Tyson who said 'Every plan survives until you get punched in the face'. Hurts is the practical starter. It's just that the team has no value in announcing it as such now. Personally I think it's just Howie-hating media sheep trying to jump in his business. They're probably the same people who hated that we drafted Hurts.
  4. 'The most well-informed and obnoxious'. -my Man
  5. I'm okay with paying them big money, just not guaranteeing a whole lot of it.
  6. I must be dense. I'll definitely move on though.
  7. Hell with all these slackers on the field, i guess Carson had no choice.
  8. You're saying Ertz leadership affected Carson? Whatever dude.
  9. Why does having a valuable player they know may be worth a higher price to another team than their own have to mean that they want to get rid of him? They can AFFORD to trade Ertz. That doesn't mean they want to. And that certainly doesn't mean they want to release him. Restructure maybe. But I'm sick to my stomach how many people devalue our receivers and tight ends simply because our QB turned into JeMarcus Russel. Some of y'all better root for the Colts because if Wentz really sucks, that 1st rounder isn't the only thing in jeopardy. So is your entire assessment of 2020. Wentz didn't turn into JeMarcus just because of the fat contract. It was that, and then bringing in a QB2 that can win games. Like with McNabb, that wasn't going to happen without him skating out his contract. Because while the team may be for competition, the QB wants sole power once he has that guaranteed money. He wants the power to slack off. Next time a star player insists on huge guaranteed money, I say trade him. It's not about trust; it's about who is the boss.
  10. I'm not sure I like this new 'players use any number' policy. It's nice in the odd event you don't know a player, that you can identify his position on the field by his number. Anyone else feel that way?
  11. Everyone is so invested in the Howie and now Lurie hate. For them to be right, the Eagles must lose now. If the Eagles start winning next season I'm curious. Will they finally give real fans a break and become cowboy fans? Or will their heads explode as if Clayton Bigsby removed his hood? They could apologies profusely explaining how their racist tendencies were inspired by the media and say ad nauseum what idiots they were, but honestly i'd rather see them jump ship and become, if not Cowboy, Colt fans.
  12. BGN posted an article 'What's your most controversial NFL opinion?' Mine is this. The Eagles are actually fine. The QB played very good for his first few starts(amazing how the expectations changed though). The WR corps and TEs have been horribly underrated based on the overrating of Wentz's leadership and accuracy last season. Our o-line could be dominant. Our running game looks good too. Naturally we're reliant on the coaching, but the selections were all sound in my opinion. Carson may have mutineed first on the team after getting the FU money, but instead of trying to save the season, Pederson gave up as well. 4-11 gives all kinds of talking heads and blowhards a new lease on criticizing the Eagles. Enjoy your time. The lack of hard data opens the gate for all kinds of negative spec and conspiracy theories. Again I say; enjoy your time. What kills me with all this negative spec is; won't there be a credibility penalty if you're all wrong? I guess when has there ever been? Negadelphia is an accurate term. While the greater fan base will forget how negative a lot of so-called 'insiders' were if the Eagles win 10 games, the negative posters here will be much quicker to remember my positivity if they don't kick butt right away. Par for the course.
  13. Yup. That's what's predicted. I was thinking trading back to 15 or 16, but that would've indeed been risky. Fingers crossed, if you like Horn, I can almost say it's a lock one of them will be there at 12.
  14. Farley or Surtain. This is what I've been saying, only I had no idea Howie could wrangle a 1st rd from Miami. That was a stroke of genius.
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