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  1. you people from denmark are rude, and who is this sally, is that the name of your left hand
  2. that was actually funny, sometimes you english bloaks are funny, majority of the time you're just stupid
  3. nope, eagles fan cant do that, even in winning there is gonna be a fight, if you disagree meet me at the playground after lunch
  4. most would like to be slapping @EaglePhan1986 and you and hpenis
  5. U know all about vineland
  6. What in the world, do you proof your posts first
  7. A flat is stupid, you hear me
  8. JALEN HURTS STOCK TRACKER OVERVIEW: Day 1: Stock even Day 2: Stock down Day 3: Stock down
  9. LOL wooooooooo You got her there, ol boy, flappy crack
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